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Negotiate the conditions in the agreements with your customers!


Utilizing a Fleet Management System Features can greatly reduce waiting times. However, technology cannot do anything. The reason why waiting times is a problem for companies in the industry is that it costs a lot of money and lowers the delivery precision. Companies Vehco has contacted say that they charge parts of the waiting times to the customers, but it is rarely possible to charge it all. Either the customer is not willing to pay, or it will only pay for parts of the waiting time.


An agreement with the customers is an important factor in terms of waiting times. Of course, the agreements vary between customers, which of course is necessary. However, it is important to ensure that the agreements are sufficient. It is common for agreements and regulations to last for a long time, often as an old habit or simply because the parties have not seen a need to update the terms. Waiting times are not always mentioned in the terms of the customer, but there are clear benefits to consider when it is time to enter into a new agreement or to update the existing agreement. One way to do this is to allow a certain number of hours of waiting time each month but all time beyond this limit, the customer will be charged.


It may be smart to first identify and quantify the waiting times. By registering the waiting times, e.g. with Vehco’s service Qualified Activities, you can get a clear picture of the scope of the waiting times for each specific customer. If a specific customer causes a considerable amount of waiting time, it may be useful to show data and detailed statistics of the waiting times before negotiating who will pay for all the waiting.
To agree on who will cover the cost of waiting times is a way to handle the problem. However, the best thing is to identify and try to fix the root cause of the problem and the reasons for the waiting times. This will most often benefit both parties and strengthen the relationship.