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Make it easier for the customers to be well prepared to avoid waiting times

Vervoer en IT

There are many reasons why driver need to wait before loading or unloading of goods. In a survey conducted by Vehco it turned out that one of the most common reasons for waiting times is that the customer is not prepared for the driver to arrive. The waiting time may occur by queueing or that staff who will receive the transport are not in place. Sometimes queues may occur because several vehicles from the same carrier try to load or unload at the same time. In these cases, the problem is primarily with the traffic management that should ensure that this is avoided.

Transport manager reduces waiting times with Vehco

To reduce waiting times, an effective measure is to notify the arrival in advance to ensure that the customer is well prepared when the transport arrives. When Vehco asked companies in the industry what they did to reduce unnecessary waiting times, notification in advance was the most common answer. How the driver announced arrival in advance varied. Some companies responded that the driver calls to the customer before, while others used their Fleet Management System to automatically inform the customers that the transport will arrive within a predefined time period.

RL Trans uses Vehco to reduce waiting times

One way to use the Fleet Management System to announce the driver’s arrival in advance is to create geographical areas. In Vehco’s system this feature is called Geofence. The areas can be configured to trigger a reaction when vehicles enter or leave the area. For example, the customer can be notified immediately and automatically that a vehicle enters the area. Since it is possible to configure the size and shape of a geofence area, it is easy to calculate how long it takes for a vehicle from it crosses a geofence until it arrives at the customer. This reduces the risk of unnecessary waiting times significantly.

- We’ve been testing Geofence for a while and it worked well. Now we are planning to start working on the larger scale with our customers.

Mathias Lindedahl, IT Manager, RL Trans (Finland)