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How can I optimize the working time of drivers: an example of ROI of Fleet Telematics


The Transport company Chaussenot Transport (France), rents public work equipment and machinery with a driver. Frédérique Guichet, the company's administrative manager, testifies on their main return on investment of their telematics system: the optimization of drivers' working hours.

Optimize driving times with trip history tracking

Since the company pays the travel time of machine operators, automatic and accurate tracking of these trips has resulted in savings. "Before, we were dependent on written reports from our drivers and visual checks (on the parking lot). With our telematics system, we have an automated recording of travel times. This has enabled us to reduce actual travel time by 30%."

Optimize working times thanks to a high level of traceability of activities

Chaussenot Transport monitors drivers' social data on a daily basis (driving, working and rest times). The Fleet management system tracks drivers' activities in real time in order to comply with working time regulations.

In addition, a specific module allows machine operators to record specific activities on site and report them in real time to the fleet managers.

"This gives us a precise view of working time. We need to know if a driver is doing maintenance, cleaning or delivery in order to reduce as much as possible the times that are not invoiced to an end customer," comments Frédérique Guichet.

The driver can report an activity on a  smartphone and transmit information directly to the company's headquarters. This makes it possible to accurately monitor drivers' off-driving activities, analyse these activities and quickly invoice out-of-tachograph services.

Controlling rest periods

The activity of Chaussenot Transport construction machinery sometimes requires special management of drivers' working time.
"We do not control rest periods on site and it is sometimes difficult to define a break because vehicles make many stops/movements on a limited area. With the positioning on Google Map, we can quickly check where the vehicles are on site. »

In conclusion, Fleet telematics, in addition to its obvious functionalities of locating and managing vehicles, can also be useful for social management and in particular to reduce travel times, monitor drivers' activities very accurately and control service times.

As Frédérique Guichet confirms, "as a manager, I use exclusively [the telematics system] for personnel management. The transport business is first and foremost about people."