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Vehco is introducing Eco-Momentum in Eco-Driving Challenge

Since it normally takes great skills, passion and endurance to make many people change their behavior, we have decided to start measuring the total Eco-Driving impact for each company in our Eco-Driving Challenge. The way we do it is to multiply the number of drivers with the improvement week by week. We call it "Eco-Momentum". 

Vehco introduce Eco-Momentum

The purpose is to inspire large teams to improve the average Eco-Driving Index. Even relatively small changes will make great total impact if many drivers are involved.

In the Challenge, we will report the three best performers (among more than 100 teams) every week. In our first measurement Alex Andersen, Dagab Team Örebro/Linköping and Meindl Transport made it to the podium, see below!

Vehco Eco-momentum in Eco-Driving Challenge

Read more about our Eco-Driving Challange here.

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Thu, 2019-04-11
Paetronics re-branded Vehco

Vehco announces name change of Paetronics, the leading Finnish Fleet Management Systems provider, to Vehco. Through one strong brand, the company can now operate more efficiently throughout the Nordics and beyond.

Mon, 2019-04-01
AddSecure-owned Vehco appoints new Financial Director

Vehco, a leading European provider of Fleet Management Systems (FMS) and part of AddSecure, announced today that Jenny Nyström has been appointed as the company’s new Financial Director. Nyström joins from Stena Stål AB and will assume the position on April 1st.