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Vehco Eco-Driving Challenge reduced emissions with 8000 tonnes of CO2

During 2019, more than 9 000 drivers participated in the Vehco Eco-Driving Challenge. The competition was a great success where about 60 companies, organized through 114 teams with approximately 4 100 vehicles, participated. Dagab Backa won the most prestigious prize as the European Champion.

Göteborg, Sweden (February 6, 2020). Addsecure-owned Fleet Management Systems provider Vehco, today announced the results from its competition within Eco-Driving 2019. The competition, called "Vehco Eco-Driving Challenge", is voluntary among Vehco’s customers and it is based on the Vehco Eco-Driving Index. The driving behavior has improved during the competition. When Vehco analyzed the data, the improved behavior proved to deliver major fuel savings. When comparing the result 2019 with 2017 (when the challenge started), Vehco's estimate shows that the competing companies reduced their total consumption by approximately 2998 000 liters of diesel, resulting in reduced CO2 emissions of approximately 7915 tons and savings of about 3 298 000 €.


Vehco Eco-Driving Challenge Awards

To make the competition even more exciting, the 60 competing companies are divided into 6 different classes based on country (SE, NO, FI, DK, DE, FR) and in one class for bus operators in Europe. Further, Vehco has also followed the companies with the best improvements during the year and best Eco-driving momentum. During the competition, Vehco has continuously updated a performance chart on the company's website to keep all stakeholders informed about the leaders. (

Dagab won the European Champion title

Finally, Dagab Backa became the European Champion, winning both the Swedish class and totally. See the winners in each class in the table below.


Competition class

Vehco Eco-Driving Index, Q4 2020

Dagab Team Backa

Transport company, Sweden


Isaksson Karlsson, Team Växjö

Bus Operators (EU)


Ahola Team AT Cargo

Transport company, Finland



Transport company, France


Litra Gass

Transport company, Norway


Danwerth Spedition KG

Transport company, Germany


Arla Foods

Transport company, Denmark



Best improvers

In the Challenge, it is also possible to win prize for the best yearly improvement of the index, see the three best improvers below.



Competition class

Improvement 2020

Thygesen Transport

Best improver


Road Cargo Team Gävle

Second best improver


Samat Team  Atlantique

Third best improver



Best Eco Momentum

To measure the total impact of eco-driving, Vehco follows up Eco Momentum for each company in the competition. Hence, Eco Momentum is the number of drivers multiplied by the index improvement for each company. See the three companies with the best eco-momentum is presented in the table below.



Competition class

Average Index Q4

Thygesen Transport

Best Eco-Momentum


Ahola Transports

Second best Eco-Momentum


Widéns Åkeri

Third best Eco-Momentum


 Great commitment among customers

During the Challenge, the interest from Vehco's customers has grown and people who are working to improve driving behavior and reduced fuel consumption/environmental impact have shown a great commitment to the competition.

"Dagab's development within Eco-Driving continues with the help of Vehco. This year is the third year we are on the podium (!). The whole journey has been fantastic for everyone involved. We care a lot about our CO2 footprint and the environment within Dagab and Axfood. We are very pleased with all the individual improvements that many of our drivers have made during our Eco-Driving program. We look forward to 2020 together with Vehco."

Per Rudholm, Transport Manager, Dagab Inköp & Logistik

Online award ceremony to reduce CO2

In previous years, Vehco has invited the winners of the competition to an award ceremony at Vehco's head office in Gothenburg. This year, local ceremonies were conducted in parallel in each country to reduce travel and CO2 emissions. All ceremonies were linked together through a joint video conference so that the awards ceremony was according to the model "Eurovision Song Contest". In conjunction with the ceremony, the various companies shared their experiences with each other and Vehco how they worked to succeed with Eco-Driving.


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Tue, 2020-03-17

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Tue, 2020-02-25
AddSecure-owned Vehco reports strong growth in France and appoints new Country Manager to strengthen expansion in France

During the late summer, Vehco appointed Olivier Datry as Country Manager in France. Followed by his appointment, the company secured a number of large projects with both existing and new customers in France. The commitments by the customers resulted in all-time-high sales for Vehco during quarter 4, 2019