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Vehco accelerates its growth through AddSecure who acquired Vehco on May 22, 2018. With the new owner, Vehco now has the structure and the financial strength to become the largest provider of systems for fleet management in Europe to heavy commercial vehicles (HCV).

The AddSecure Group acquires leading European Fleet Management specialist Vehco to support its continued expansion. The acquisition will further strengthen Vehco’s extensive growth within telematics for fleets with commercial vehicles. The acquisition will support Vehco’s expansion into new markets and product areas as well as the implementation of new cost-effective business models and Vehco’s development capacity.

 - This acquisition is part of our strategy to expand our position in attractive markets and IoT verticals. With Vehco in our portfolio, the AddSecure Group becomes an even stronger player within IoT and especially within telematics,” said Stefan Albertsson, CEO, the AddSecure Group.

AddSecure acquires Vehco, market leader in Fleet Management Systems

 -Through the acquisition, both companies can take advantage of the opportunities within Vehco’s extensive growth plans. We can now accelerate our plan to become the largest provider of FMS to the Heavy Commercial Vehicles (HCV) market segment in Europe. Furthermore, Vehco and our customers, will benefit from the comprehensive experience and technical expertise that the AddSecure Group provides. Our business strategies, success definitions and customers are a good match, said Magnus Orrebrant, CEO, Vehco.

 Vehco was founded in 2001 at Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship at Chalmers University of Technology (Sweden) and Chalmers Ventures is a main investor. Over the years Vehco has grown to become a well-positioned European actor in telematics.

- The shareholders were looking for an acquirer with the capital and infrastructure to support further growth and scale. With the AddSecure Group as owners Vehco’s potential will best be realised”, said Ulrika N. Everingham, Investment Manager, Chalmers Ventures, one of the majority owners.

Vecho will be part of the AddSecure Group, but will continue to be run and managed as a separate company and brand. Vehco’s CEO, Magnus Orrebrant, will take place in the AddSecure Group’s Corporate Management Team and report directly to the Group’s CEO, Stefan Albertsson.

The transaction is the AddSecure Group’s fifth acquisition in the secure critical communications sector in recent years. In 2016, the AddSecure Group acquired the UK based company Chiron Security Communications and Swedish Smart Grid Networks. In 2017, the Group successfully closed the acquisition of Contal Security in Sweden and a carve out of Finnish Prevent 360.

For more information, please contact:

Anna Stoldt, CMSO, Vehco AB

Tel. +46 (0) 31 64 51 17,

Kristina Grandin, Corporate Communications, the AddSecure Group

Tel. +46 70 689 52 08,

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Tue, 2020-03-17

The coronavirus situation has impacted people’s lives around the world. At Vehco Part of Addsecure we continuously monitor the development of the Corona pandemic and its effect on the global community.
Being a communications and solutions company, you can rest assured that the performance of our secure critical communications and data will not be impacted. We have a business continuity plan in place and the service we provide our customers will not be compromized. And it goes without saying, that the health and safety of our employees, customers and partners are paramount.

Tue, 2020-02-25
AddSecure-owned Vehco reports strong growth in France and appoints new Country Manager to strengthen expansion in France

During the late summer, Vehco appointed Olivier Datry as Country Manager in France. Followed by his appointment, the company secured a number of large projects with both existing and new customers in France. The commitments by the customers resulted in all-time-high sales for Vehco during quarter 4, 2019