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Success for Vehco's new products on the exhibition Elmia Lastbil 2018

After much preparations, at last Elmia Lastbil in Jönköping was kicked-off on August 23. The exhibition will go on until August 25 and it is full of interesting interesting products and solutions for all people who work with logistics, trucks and transportation. Naturally, Vehco participates and we present many exciting product news, including Driver Temperature Monitoring and our new mobile android screen, Vision Mobile.

Success for Vehco at Elmia Lastbil 2018

At 4 pm every day we start our happy hours where we serve nice food and drinks to all visitors who want to chat with our team and to enjoy our nice booth (D05:39). Welcome!

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Thu, 2018-09-27
Vehco is introducing Eco-Momentum in Eco-Driving Challenge

In the Vehco Eco-Driving Challange, where more than 100 teams are competing, we are now introducing Eco-Momentum! This is the total Eco-Driving impact for each company where we multiply the number of drivers with the improvement of the Eco-Driving Index. The purpose is to inspire large teams to improve the average Eco-Driving Index.

Fri, 2018-08-24
Vehco strenghtens its position in Europe through strategic acquisition of Groeneveld ICT Solutions

Göteborg, Sweden, August 20, 2018. Vehco, one of the largest pan-european providers of Fleetmanagement systems, strenghthens its position in Europe through the strategic acquisition of Groeneveld ICT Solutions, the leading Dutch Fleet Management provider. Through the acquisition, Vehco significatntly grows the installed base of connected units and becomes the leading provider of systems for fleet management to heavy commercial vehicles (HCV) in Europe.