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Sobotram harmonizes its heavy trucks fleet managment with mixed equipment

Brest, France, September 6th 2012 : SOBOTRAM, member of the ASTRE group, was consolidated these last years with the integration of 5 entities (Sobotram, Perrier, Berthelard, Sopardis, and Soboroute), each entity had a different fleet management system.SOBOTRAM chose Vehco to harmonize these equipments with a mixed solution:Vehco On-board with touch screen or Vehco Mobile with PDA terminal, and on-board computer.   This deployment concerns the 370 heavy trucks of the various subsidiaries of the group, all vehicles will be provided with an embedded computer.Two thirds of the fleet will be equipped with a touch screen handling all the functions of social data, drivers and vehicles management.

The PDA solution (Motorola terminal) which will equip the remaining third, will allow the traceability of the pallets as well as an advanced management of proofs of delivery thanks to the digitalization of signatures and the management of photographs.The traditional functions of social data management, geolocalisation or reception of transport orders will also be available in the terminal allowing a maximum of mobility for a maximum of functionalities.  

The solution chosen by SOBOTRAM includes an advanced integration with the TMS software.Besides the standard exchange of data collected and sent by the TMS, the transport order management will be entirely configurable directly from the TMS:interface configuration, trip details, litigations management.For Bruno Neyrat, President of SOBOTRAM, “the selected solution had to answer to 100% of the specifications.We had strong requirements on this affair, particularly with a mixed screen/PDA equipment and a specific need for integration to pallet transport.The know-how of the Vehco group, and its references within the ASTRE grouping, made the difference.”  

The Vehco Mobile solution on PDA is indeed the only one today on the market to directly integrate the ASTRE Palet System application in the mobile terminal for the management of pallets.SOBOTRAM is equipped with a TMS and the pallet management solution Easy PAL, enabling to scan the pallets’ bar codes and to transfer information directly from the PDA to the TMS.For Frederic Serre, Chief Executive Officer of Vehco France, “we are very happy to work with SOBOTRAM.This new agreement shows the attractiveness of our solution for all the actors of the general cargo and more generally of goods transport on pallet”.   The carriers BERT, SOBOTRAM, DUCOURNAU, MAINGRET, the GUEVEL, KLEYLING, COALMAN, JOLIVAL, BERNARDI, SOLETRANS (CHATEL) and RAUTURAU belong to the 25 companies of the ASTRE group which continue to trust Vehco for the management of their fleets of freight vehicles - approximately 2 500 equipped heavy trucks.

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Tue, 2020-03-17

The coronavirus situation has impacted people’s lives around the world. At Vehco Part of Addsecure we continuously monitor the development of the Corona pandemic and its effect on the global community.
Being a communications and solutions company, you can rest assured that the performance of our secure critical communications and data will not be impacted. We have a business continuity plan in place and the service we provide our customers will not be compromized. And it goes without saying, that the health and safety of our employees, customers and partners are paramount.

Tue, 2020-02-25
AddSecure-owned Vehco reports strong growth in France and appoints new Country Manager to strengthen expansion in France

During the late summer, Vehco appointed Olivier Datry as Country Manager in France. Followed by his appointment, the company secured a number of large projects with both existing and new customers in France. The commitments by the customers resulted in all-time-high sales for Vehco during quarter 4, 2019