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Serge Lardy joins Vehco's European Top Management

Gothenburg, Sweden, January 21st 2013:Vehco AB has appointed Serge LARDY as South European Director and memberof the group management.Taking his new position on January 18th, he will manage sales, marketing and business development activities first for France, Spain and Italy. Serge will be based in Brest (Vehco France), where Vehco benefits from a number 2 position in terms of units on the high-end telematics market. Serge will take over some of the activities of Frederic SERRE, former Managing Director of Vehco France since 2009,  who is leaving the company.

Serge LARDY has been working for over twenty years in the telematics industry with key responsabilities at France Telecom, Alcatel and Qualcomm. He is joining the French Management team in a period of strong growth and opportunities for Vehco, in particular in France where turnover has grown over 25% in the past year. His international experience in larger groups will be an asset for the Vehco Group: “I am very happy to join Vehco. On the market, Vehco’s products are reputed innovating, user-friendly and thorough. The company is working very closely to its clients offering when needed customization services, which is a significant value-added for larger carriers. I have many ideas and much energy to develop the business of this very unique company” comments Serge LARDY. 

For Vehco AB, headquarter of Vehco group, this change is part of a reorganization of the group to flatten the organization’s structure and to have more direct relationship between top management and customers. According to Magnus ORREBRANT, CEO of Vehco AB: “We want to have a structure that is decentralized, close to its native market and efficient in order to better lead innovation. We all thank the great work Frederic SERRE has done to grow the company over the last 3 years and are very happy to welcome Serge LARDY in the team”.

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Tue, 2020-03-17

The coronavirus situation has impacted people’s lives around the world. At Vehco Part of Addsecure we continuously monitor the development of the Corona pandemic and its effect on the global community.
Being a communications and solutions company, you can rest assured that the performance of our secure critical communications and data will not be impacted. We have a business continuity plan in place and the service we provide our customers will not be compromized. And it goes without saying, that the health and safety of our employees, customers and partners are paramount.

Tue, 2020-02-25
AddSecure-owned Vehco reports strong growth in France and appoints new Country Manager to strengthen expansion in France

During the late summer, Vehco appointed Olivier Datry as Country Manager in France. Followed by his appointment, the company secured a number of large projects with both existing and new customers in France. The commitments by the customers resulted in all-time-high sales for Vehco during quarter 4, 2019