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Patrick Lahaye chooses ELOmobile (Vehco France) for the Montmur Group

Brest, France, March 6th 2012: ELOmobile (Vehco Group) has been selected to equip the back offices and the vehicles of the Montmur Group with their fleet management solution (500 heavy-trucks and 250 refrigerating semitrailers). Beyond the traditional functions (social management of the drivers, management of the vehicles, management of the transport orders), the selected solution enable a complete traceability of the temperatures, thanks to a unique technology of wireless sensor-recorder installed in the trailers. This new contract won by ELOmobile to equip the entire fleet of the Montmur Group falls in line with the Vehco strategy to develop “dedicated” solutions. Indeed, the temperature sensors solution was initially developed to be used for the traceability of mass-market retailing. Easy to install (no cable), the autonomous temperature sensor records temperature data without interruptions and communicates them to the on-board computer, thanks to the RFID technology.

The data are automatically sent to the back office, which can set up alarms and follow the possible temperature variations 24/24H. The data are filed and can be restored in case of questioning or conflict. Also, the on-board computer automatically detects the nearest sensor, which also permits to have the status of the trailers (hooking/unhooking). The solution which is certified EN 12830 is conceived to have autonomy of approximately 3 years and meets the criteria of robustness required in the profession: wrap out of resin absorbing the shocks and submersible (IP 68).

The Montmur Group gathers LAHAYE, LAHAYE LOCATION, LAHAYE LOGISTIQUE, PRODHOMME, LDF, BERGERE, TRANSFER and LSF. These new clients are added to a list of carriers from the UNTF trade-association after SALESKY, PLEIN SUD, ETOILE ROUTIERE, STC Transport to be equipped with a complete management solution integrating the problematic of the controlled temperatures.   “For the Montmur Group, the integration of a fleet management solution is strategic for the control of the exploitation costs, the traceability of information and the exchange of this information in real time with our customers and drivers. The ELOmobile solution was adopted for its ultra-complete functionalities and the adequacy of the management tools compared to our daily needs” indicates Patrick Lahaye, President of the Montmur Group. “By choosing the ELOmobile on-board solution, the MONTMUR Group seeks to cross a course, in term of performance of management, of social optimization and service rate towards its customers”.

The VEHCO Group is not at its beginnings: its solutions for controlled temperature also equip companies like LECLERC SCARMOR, SYSTEM U LARGE WESTERN, or TOUPARGEL with fleets of several thousands of vehicles. Frédéric Serre, Managing Director of Vehco France comments “We focus our development work on solutions which fulfil 100% of the needs of our customers. With such a powerful solution integrating wireless temperatures sensors, we clearly place ourselves as an key player for the refrigerating carriers.” 

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Tue, 2020-03-17

The coronavirus situation has impacted people’s lives around the world. At Vehco Part of Addsecure we continuously monitor the development of the Corona pandemic and its effect on the global community.
Being a communications and solutions company, you can rest assured that the performance of our secure critical communications and data will not be impacted. We have a business continuity plan in place and the service we provide our customers will not be compromized. And it goes without saying, that the health and safety of our employees, customers and partners are paramount.

Tue, 2020-02-25
AddSecure-owned Vehco reports strong growth in France and appoints new Country Manager to strengthen expansion in France

During the late summer, Vehco appointed Olivier Datry as Country Manager in France. Followed by his appointment, the company secured a number of large projects with both existing and new customers in France. The commitments by the customers resulted in all-time-high sales for Vehco during quarter 4, 2019