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Our Christmas gift to our customers and employees this year is to help families in Uganda

Our Christmas gift to our customers and employees is to help families in Uganda to get access to clean power

Vehco invests money to the company TRINE who is financing projects within solar energy in places where people today totally miss access to electricity. This year we have decided to invest in SolarNow in Uganda. This loan to SolarNow is expected to provide 5,100 people with clean energy and the estimated reduction of CO2 is equivalent to 2,900 tons. We hope you share our commitment for a sustainable planet!

Vehco helps families in Uganda to get access to clean power

Through our support to projects in solar energy, people can get access to clean energy and dramatically reduced energy costs. Families in Uganda will be able to use lamps when it is dark, they are kept updated through the radio and the kids can do their homework after school.  
1 out of 5 people around the world live in energy poverty. They must rely on fossil fuels for cooking, heating and lighting. This causes severe health problems, bad study results and an increase of carbon emissions. Solar energy can solve this.

Read about the project we are supporting here!

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Wed, 2019-03-20
Visit Vehco at Transport 2019 in Herning

Welcome to Vehco at Transport 2019 in Herning. As usually we are presenting new products and solutions at the exhibition.

Fri, 2019-03-08
Vehco Eco-Driving Challenge reduced emissions with 4 810 tonnes of CO2

During 2018, more than 9000 drivers participated in Vehco Eco-Driving Challenge. The competition was a great success where about 60 companies with approximately 4200 vehicles participated. Vehco’s estimations show reduced CO2-emissions of about 4 810 tonnes and a reduction of the fuel consumption by about 1 822 100 liters of diesel for the companies that competed.