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Götene Kyltransporter dramatically reduces fuel consumption through eco-driving with Vehco

In a short period of time, the Swedish transport company Götene Kyltransporter (GKT) has dramatically reduced fuel consumption through improved eco-driving. Vehco has followed the project and was impressed by the strong results, where the index for eco-driving was improved from 63 to over 80 in a short period of time.

GKT reduces fuel consumption with Vehco

One of the skilled drivers at GKT saving fuel through using Vehco.

The improvements in driving behavior have resulted in a substantial reduction of fuel consumption. By analyzing the average fuel consumption in November 2018 with the same period last year, the consumption was decreased by 5.2%, which corresponds to annual savings of over 6 MSEK. Impressed by the company's strong results, we have interviewed the driver Mattias Vilgfors, who now works as project manager to improve the driving behavior at GKT. Read more about the interview on the Vehco blog for smart transports.

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Fri, 2019-01-18
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