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Dagab Backa new leader in Vehco Eco Driving Challenge!

In our competition "Vehco Eco-Driving Challenge 2017", which is about getting the drivers of our customers to drive as economically  as possible, Dagab Backa has now taken the first place! The company has made a great achievement and passed one by one of its opponents. When we updated the results this week, we noticed that Dagab Backa's average index last week in Sparsam Driving has risen to 87.8! It is now about 10 weeks left of theto  contest and we are looking forward to follow the tight race where many companies still have the chance to win! Naturally we were curious to know what a company does to achieve such good results in Eco-Driving, so we interviewed Fredrik Lotzner, who is responsible for the drivers and vehicles at Dagab Backa.

You have been performing well in the Vehco Eco-Driving Challenge. Tell me what you've done to succeed!

-          We started working with the system in the beginning of June this year. We decided quickly to try to make Eco-Driving to become a competition between the depots, that’s the key to everything! The idea has been to create a competitive spirit. We have put the drivers in different groups and presented the results to them both on a group level and individually. The groups consist of our own drivers and drivers from our pilot companies. By succeeding in creating a strong competitive spirit, nobody wants to be the worst performer since it is then embarrassing to be that driver! Everyone wants to be the leader and stay as a leader!

How do you communiate the result to the drivers?

-          We show the Eco-driving results in a few different ways. We print and put up the results from the dashboard in Vehco's system on A3 paper in our office every week so everyone can see. These reports show how we are performing in Backa compared with other places where Dagab operates. Then we distribute printed reports to the drivers each week with their individual results. There they can see how well they perform compared to the leading driver and the driver with lowest score (anonymously).

Vehco Eco-driving dashboard

The reports also show what they need to improve to boost their results. We also continuously present how Dagab Backa is performing in comparison with the other European leaders in the Vehco Eco-Driving Challenge. This has become a fun feature, especially when we manage to climb the list. Now we have just passed the second-best transport company ("we just passed the French team") and we are just behind the leader of the competition. Furthermore, we have noticed that it is important to communicate regularly and preferably every week. When we have not followed up the results and sent out the reports regularly, we quickly notice that the results drop. I have therefore taken it as a regular task, together with my colleague Maria, to spend about 30-45 minutes every week to produce the reports, put comments on them and send them to the drivers.

In what way do you help the drivers to improve their driving behaviour?

-          Before the individual reports are distributed, I write some personal comments on the reports that describe what the driver should do to improve his/her driver behavior. It may be that the driver must plan the driving better to achieve higher rollout or to reduce idling. I always try to communicate in positive words and give inspiration how to drive to become one of the leaders. However, the best way I think is when the drivers give each other advice on how to get a good result, they are the experts! Generally speaking, we see that the drivers in the top of the ranking in Eco-Driving also perform well in most areas of their work.

How do you train your drivers ?

-          The drivers were initially trained in the system so that they understood what it measures and how they should do to drive as economically as possible. This was a good start, but I think the ongoing reporting with personal tips has even more helped the drivers to improve their driving behavior. Some of the drivers have basically not got any training, but they understand the system anyway.

Proud drivers in Vehco Eco-Driving Challenge at Dagab Backa

 What results have you seen as a result of your Eco-driving project?

-          It's hard to see exactly how much we've saved through our Eco-Driving project. One contributing reason for this is that our vehicles are equipped with diesel powered reefers, and it is then more difficult to measure the consumption in a fair way. We normally see savings of about 2 dl per 10 km, i.e. approximately saving of 5-7%. But above all, we see that the vehicles are driven more safely and that wear and tear have decreased as a result of our project. Some of the drivers, who have learned to drive in the "right" way, now experience the driving as much more comfortable without losing any time due to Eco-Driving.

Do you offer any kind of incentive (financial or non-financial) to the drivers who are successful?

-          No, we do not offer anything specifically. We have talked about bonuses, and maybe we can give it in another context. Basically, it is about professional pride, so to give successful drivers recognition is probably more important than money.

 Do you have any "success stories" among the drivers?

-          Yes, we actually have quite a few drivers who have improved enormously since we started following up their driving. This really feels fun! From the beginning, some drivers said that it is not possible to drive better than they were currently doing. But today most of our drivers believe in the project and try to improve their behavior according to the advice in the system.

Is there anything else that you think is important to succeed in Eco-Driving?

-          I think Vehco should offer a mega cup/trophy to those who win! It might be in the form of a challenge price that the winning companies can have in a cabinet during the year. In addition, I think that every driver should get a prize in the form of a plaque, diploma or the like. Just like when you win in hockey! In addition, such an award can be something the driver can bring when they are looking for a job next time. Such an award may be good for the driver in his resume.

Read more about Vehco Eco-Driving Challenge here.

Short about Dagab Backa

Location: Göteborg

Number of drivers and vehicles: 25 trucks, 25 trailers, 45 drivers

Main business: Transportation of food for the grocery stores Willys, Hemköp and Tempo

Vehco customer since: 2015

Interviewee: Fredrik Lotzner, Team Leader for drivers/vehicles, Dagab Backa

Installed equipment: Vehco Connect (onboard computer) with Vehco Tablet and Vehco Mobile (android application). Services: Positioning, Eco-Driving, Drive- and Resting Times, Remote Tacho Download, Quick Messages and Checklist. Vehco Asset Pro for temperature monitoring in vehicles and trailers.

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