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Ahola Transport optimizes the transport flow with Vehco

Ahola Transport has been a customer of Vehco since 2011 and the cooperation between the companies has been steadily expanding over the years. In recent years, Ahola has integrated its order management with Vehco, and now exports information from the Drive- and Resting Service to its Transport Management System to optimize the order flow. To see vehicles, goods and drivers' working times in real-time is central and it enables Ahola to optimize the entire transport flow, resulting in high degree of filling, efficient transport and optimized utilization of drivers and vehicles.

At Vehco we were interested in knowing more about how Ahola works, and therefore we did an interview with Joakim Asplund, Project Manager at Ahola.


Joakim Asplund, nöjd kund till Vehco


Explain how your fleet management solution has been valuble for your company?

Since we work with customized logistics solutions based on our Online concept, the dynamic management of our transport orders is central to us. It is therefore valuable for our business to have one uniform system for order management, which we now have. We appreciate having everything in one system! When welcoming new drivers, it simplifies the training effort, and shortens the time it takes for the driver to get started and can work according to our routines.

For many years, Ahola has been certified for quality (ISO 9001) and environment (ISO 14001), and for this reason we place great emphasis on ensuring that our transports are carried out efficiently and environmentally. It is important for us to keep track of the fleet and driver performance by monitoring and reporting fuel consumption and emissions. Since we have screens in our vehicles, we can also impact the driving behaviour of the drivers, which has a major effect on wear and fuel consumption.

By exporting the drivers' Drive- and resting times from Vecho’s system to our system, we can now monitor vehicles, freight and drivers’ working times in real time in our transport management system. This is central to us and it enables optimisation of the entire transport flow resulting in a high degree of filling, efficient transports and optimal utilization of drivers and vehicles.

Another valuable feature is positioning and driver identification in the same system. The drivers are automatically logged in via the connection to the tachograph, and the traffic managers can thus easily see who drives which vehicle and where they are.

Erik hos Ahola Transport, nöjd kund till Vehco


What criteria were most important when you made your choice of supplier of system for fleet management?

As Ahola Transport has extensive operations in Northern Europe, it was important for us to find a serious but flexible partner with the capacity to further develop the solution over time. Furthermore, we sought an international player that had a stable system that we could run on various types of hardware. In some of our vehicles, we use JLT computers that we previously purchased to our own vehicles. In other parts of our fleet we use newer types of vehicle computers, tablets, and smartphones. Another requirement was that we could integrate the fleet management system to use the data in other internal systems.

Do you have any examples on what deliverables or return on investment your investment has proven for your company?

We continuously make improvements in various areas of our business. Recently we have implemented a unified order management system to simplify the system environment for the driver. At the same time, we wanted to ensure that the transport management has control over the available drive- and resting time for each driver to optimize the planning of the transports. This has been one of many foundations in our ability to further develop as one of the leading transport companies in the Nordic region.

Ahola Transport - satisfied customer to Vehco Fleet Management

Do you have any advice to other transportation companies regarding the choice of onboard computers, what would you tell them?

Always start from your strategy, your own and your customers' needs. Today there are a lot of good technical solutions with nice features, but focus only what is most relevant to your business. Focus on proper implementation of equipment that meets the basic needs. Features and additional services can always be included in a later stage.

Be sure to choose the equipment and supplier who are willing to actively support your strategy.

Ensure that there are sufficient resources for evaluation, implementation, and end-user support when selecting and using the equipment. A functioning technical equipment will not bring you closer to your goals. It is crucial that the user knows how to use the equipment if you should be able to reach the goals.

Short information about Ahola Transport Abp

City : Kokola, Finland

Number of vehicles: approx. 400

Main business: Transportation and logistics services. Ahola Transport Abp is a family owned logistics Group that has been in the transportation business for 60 years. The company has a revenue of approx. €100mil/year, and it is present in the Nordic, Baltic, and Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Vehco customer since: 2011

Interviewee: Joakim Asplund, Project Manager

Installed equipment : Vehco Panel-PC, Vehco Connect fordonsdator with Vehco Tablet and Panel-PC from JLT. Services : Positioning, Eco-driving, Time reporting, Drive- and Resting Times, Quick Messages, Order Management and Checklist.

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Tue, 2020-03-17

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Tue, 2020-02-25
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