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Vehco Vision : effective communication between drivers and transportation managers

Vehco Vision : screen for drivers

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Engage your drivers with a user-friendly and modern screen from Vehco
Improve the management of your missions thanks to their display on the driver's screen
Communicate effectively and in real-time with your drivers
Offer an eco-driving coach to your drivers and improve their driving behaviour
Follow up your missions’ progress precisely and in real-time
Track your drivers’ activities thanks to real-time reports
Analyse key indicators on delivery processes thanks to detailed reports from the field
Offer a complete management tool to your drivers including time reports, ecodriving reports, messaging, missions etc.
Manage your transport activities efficiently with seamless interaction and real-time information flows between drivers and managers

With Vehco Vision, your drivers benefit from an easy-to-use, solid and modern screen. The driver application is based on an Android client, where the drivers get all the information they need about their missions, their driving behaviour and their driving times. They can also use it to send detailed reports on their activities or to communicate in real-time withtheir managers.

For Transport Managers, Vehco Vision is a stable link to manage drivers (sending of missions and messages inside the cabin, times follow up), to enhance workflows (detailed reports on activities) and to improve the organisation of transport missions (mission follow-up in real-time).

Vehco Vision is used together with Vehco Connect to benefit from a connection to the vehicle and the tachograph. This solution makes all key data for a complete analysis of your transport activities available in Co-Driver. 

Vehco Play Demo 
Vehco Vision together with Vehco Connect help us to streamline our Operations in an efficient way, it is a complete solution covering all our needs of a Fleet Management System
Dennis Karlsson, Marketing Manager, Götene Kyltransporter
Vehco Mobile in Smartphones/tablets
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