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Vehco Asset for temperature monitoring and trailer tracking


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Track your equipment independent of a truck or driver
Secure the supply chain to your client
Monitor your equipment at anytime, anywhere
Get more knowledge about your business
Increased security and control
Monitor all your assets on one map
Compact units that are fast and easy to install
Up to 5 years battery time
Positions presented at the same map as the trucks (Weboffice)
Monitor of door activities and temperature
Connection to the refrigeration unit to access data like temperatures and set points
Receive temperature deviation alerts from the refrigeration unit
Collect mileage data based on GPS positions
Smart and independent products that offer control, safety and back-office data in Weboffice for the progressive transport company. With all data in place you can streamline your business better.

Vehco Asset Eye is easy to install and you can put it on practically anything that you want to keep track of. It features a GPS and a long life battery (15 years with one pin a day). No need for any additional installation! Vehco Asset Light offers a rechargeable battery GPS and route tracking. A small compact unit for track and trace. It is easy to install with built-in antennas for GPS and GSM. Vehco Asset Pro is the wireless hub that enables track and trace, monitoring of door activities as well as monitoring of temperature. The units gathers the data and sends it on to you, keeping you informed at all times!

With Vehco Asset Pro we are able to easily monitor the temperature of our trailers. This is crucial for us and a key requirement from our customers.
Johan Samuelsson, Transport Manager At Samuelssons Åkeri
Wireless or cabled sensors and connectors to Vehco Asset Pro
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