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Vehco ONE includes everything needed for a successful telematics project

Vehco ONE includes everything needed for a successful telematics project

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No upfront investment
Simple Contract with only 2 parties (Customer and Vehco)
Predictable costs for the whole term
Possible to upgrade Service levels (SLA)
Good way to maintain own credit – invest capacity
One contract. One supplier. One invoice. Fully focus on your business

What is Vehco ONE?

We know that many of our customers want to use our solutions, but they don’t want to own them. So, we created Vehco ONE to make it easier for our customers to focus on their business. The idea is to join products, services and financing and offer them as a combined package for a monthly rental fee.


 Creates new possibilities for your business

Instead of buying and owning the hardware and the software, Vehco ONE lets our customers to get out as much value as possible from the solutions. The business model is flexible, and it helps our customers to keep their fleets equipped with a state of-the-art solution for Fleet Management. Thanks to this “Subscription per month per vehicle” package our customers don’t need to do an upfront investment, the own credit is maintained and the invest capacity is kept. Further there is no rent declaration and no notion of depreciation.

Vehco Connect
Vehco Mobile
Vehco Vision
Vehco Connect Light
Vehco Asset
Extended warranty
Proactive support
Service level bronze
All Vehcos software services

What is?

Vehco ONE is a business model that Vehco offers that includes financing, products, services, proactive support and extended warranty. It is offered to our customers to make it easier for them to get started with, and to use, a state-of-the-art Fleet Management system. Since Vehco takes care of most things, our customers can concentrate on their business and use the functions of the system that are needed.

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