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Vehco Eco-Driving for improved driving behaviour

Vehco Eco-Driving with Dasboard and Eco-Driving Index

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All figures are relative and presented in % to make it fair and easy for the drivers
A fair way to compare driving behavior
Powerful reports for the office team
Real-time feedback on the screen increases the driver’s awareness of his performance and coaches him towards better driving behavior
Dashboard with Eco-Driving Index
Six parameters are monitored: Over speed, Idling, Rollout, Coasting, Wasted energy and Harsh braking
To follow up driving behavior is more fair than to compare the driver’s fuel consumption!

Our Eco Driving service enables you to reduce fuel consumption, save money, reduce wear and tear, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and promote safe and economical driving. The service measures the driver's driving behavior with the following six parameters:

• Idling

• Over Speed

• Braking

• Harsh braking

• Roll out

• Coasting

These parameters are independent of the vehicle and the road conditions, and guide the driver through a clear and intuitive interface in the vehicle via a fixed screen or a tablet / smartphone connected to the vehicle computer.

Driving that saves on fuel and the environment

Our eco-driving system encourages the driver to apply a better driving behavior. This ultimately leads to reduced fuel consumption. Often, the fuel consumption is reduced by up to 12% when a successful eco-driving program is implemented. In order to succeed with big savings, clear goals are required together with management attention for the programme.

Dashboard with Eco-Driving Index

In order to easily monitor the drivers' performance in Eco-driving, the parameters are combined into an index. Each company can adjust the weighting of the different parameters themselves so that the index is optimized for the respective companies' operations. The index is presented in a dashboard in our office system (Weboffice) per driver, per group or on company level. The office team and the drivers can subscribe on the dashboards via a regular email (weekly or monthly).

Vehco Eco-Driving Challenge

Vehco challenges its customers in Eco-Driving through the Vehco Eco-Driving Challenge competition. Read more about this competition here.

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What is eco-driving and fuel monitoring?

Eco-driving is a driving technique that reduces fuel consumption, wear and exhaust emissions. For projects where heavy driving has been introduced for heavy vehicles, consumption and emissions have often been reduced by 7-12%. This means that there s a high return on investment. There are different types of systems for eco-driving. In most cases, factors that are influenced by the driving behavior are measured. This makes it possible to follow up the driver's performance in a fair way instead of only focusing on fuel consumption, which also depends on parameters that the driver can not influence like type of vehicle, cargo, type of road and weather conditions. Examples of driving parameters used for eco-driving are idling, over speed, harsh braking, rollout, coasting, G-force and reving.

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