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Use a Truck Navigation Tool to always find the best routes

3 years free upgrade (no extra license fee when maps are upgraded)
For Android devices (e.g. Vehco Vision)
Truck attributes to find the best way to the destinatio, such as: Top speed, Height, Total weight and Axle Weight, Vehicle Length, Width and Weight, Number of axles, Type of cargo (ADR tunnel codes, etc.), Lane Display and Road sign display
Control your operating costs by rationalizing your trips
Optimize the use of your resources
Reduce unnecessary kilometers
Respect delivery delays
Never waste time searching for an address and optimise the last kilometers
Find the best route to your destination with the Navigation service.

Vehco’s Navigation tool helps your drivers to always take the best routes to their destination. Using Sygic truck navigation, this tool uses “truck attributes”. This means that it integrates truck dedicated cartographic data and takes into consideration weight, height and width limitations when planning routes. The route taken is therefore always optimal, allowing you to respect your schedule.

 We offer a full European package with maps for all Europe. No license fee for upgrades during the first 3 years.

Vehco Mobile
Vehco Vision

Truck navigation is a navigation aid solution that uses criteria adapted to heavy vehicles. These criteria include bridges with limited height, roads with limited access based on the height or weight of the cargo, bans on turning back for heavy vehicles or roads prohibited for vehicles carrying dangerous substances. Dangerous and Prohibited routes are never taken! In addition to truck restrictions, these interfaces also have the advantage of referencing thousands of points of interest adapted to trucks.

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