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Systematically check the condition of your fleet for preventive maintenance


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Systematically collect information thanks to a reminder at the beginning of each tour
Avoid the use and time-consuming processing of paper reports
Detect potential problems before more serious failures occur
Increase the life cycle of components
Minimize unplanned downtime
Keep your equipment in good condition
Access a complete history of your equipment
Avoid accidents and ensure the safety of your staff
Use systematic fleet monitoring to keep your fleet in safe and reliable conditions

Our checklist module helps you to keep your fleet in safe, reliable and operational condition. Via systematic reports on your equipment, you can launch a preventive maintenance policy in your company and avoid expensive repair or replacement costs. 

Ensure a complete and systematic check of your vehicles 

The checklist is a list of all the vehicle’s parts the driver needs to inspect to ensure the vehicle's condition. You can use it at the beginning of each tour to effectively anticipate your maintenance needs. Maintaining your equipment off-road is difficult and expensive. With this checklist, defects on the vehicle will be detected early and systematically reported before they develop into major failures.

How do I check the condition of the vehicles in my fleet?

This checklist allows you to set up an automatic process for checking the good condition of your vehicles. Every time a driver starts his day, a window appears on his screen reminding him to validate the good condition of the vehicle. He then reviews a checklist of all the elements to be checked. Each step is illustrated by an image where the elements to be checked are highlighted. He may report any anomaly and add a detailed description.

An overview of the operating status of your fleet

In detailed reports, you get an overview of the operating status of your fleet. You can easily identify which vehicles require intervention and, in case of damage, when it has occurred.


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Preventive Fleet Maintenance is the implementation of regular vehicle maintenance operations to detect malfunctions before they lead to a more serious failure. In practice, it is based on regular vehicle inspections based on a checklist of the parts to be checked. Preventive maintenance reduces breakdowns and downtime, ensures safety and increases the lifespan of assets.

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