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Simplify communication with your drivers with Quick Messages

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Safe and secure communication with predefined answer buttons or free text
Quick and precise feedbacks from drivers
Ability to include addresses for navigation
Messages can be sent to one driver/vehicle, to a group or all users
Your drivers never miss any message thanks to notifications
Enjoy the possibility to use your usual mailbox
Access the complete history of your messages
Copy messages or use predefined answers to save time
Ensure an always reliable and archived exchange of information
Communicate a simple email address to customers or partners to reach your drivers
Stay in permanent contact with your drivers with Vehco’s Quick Messaging Service

Wherever they are, your drivers are never far away. You can correspond with them at any time. You never lose touch.

Communicate in real-time with your drivers

Vehco’s Quick Messages module helps you to easily communicate in real-time with your fleet. With our fast messaging service, you will improve the communication to and from the drivers in a safe and reliable way.

Send messages to drivers from your email client

With Instant Messaging, you send messages to your drivers from our web portal or, for even more convenience, from your usual messaging system. The driver will receive them directly on his screen and will be able to answer instantly. Keep in touch with your drivers at all times, stay informed of the progress of tours, adjust your missions or manage unforeseen events.

Simplify the work of your drivers

Your messages can become a boost for your drivers. For example, you can attach the GPS position of a future loading or delivery site. The driver can then, with a single click, trigger navigation to that point. You can also include predefined responses to your messages. This saves your drivers a lot of time as only one click is needed again to select an answer.

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What is a Driver Messaging Tool? A Driver Messaging Tool is a Messaging tool specifically dedicated to transport companies or fleets. Just like any Messaging tool, it enables a smooth communication between the employees (here the drivers) and their managers. It really improves the daily work because it is a fast, direct way of communicating, it helps to quickly adjust the tours, to send helpful information to the driver and to save time.

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