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Positioning and tracking of your fleet of heavy vehicles


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Access key information on your fleet directly on the map
View all your resources on one powerful map with satellite and street views
Anticipate thanks to a route calculation tool
Maximize the use of vehicles and reduce overtime
Communicate the position and the time of arrival of a vehicle at any time to your clients
Track the history of the position, speed and stops of your vehicles
Pinpoint your customers or partners by recording the position of points of interest
Quickly select the most appropriate vehicle for a mission thanks to a window with the driver's working hours quota directly on the map
Position your trucks in real time to better monitor your deliveries and effectively manage your fleet.

With this Fleet Tracking tool, you locate your vehicles and drivers at any time, plan your journeys, adjust your missions in real time and analyze your activities.

View your trucks in real-time on a map

Thanks to Vehco’s Positioning system, you can position your vehicles and drivers on a map and immediately identify their activity (driving, work, rest). You can inform your customers about the position of their goods at any time and anticipate the time of arrival at destination.
With a single click, you identify all the truck’s data: the driver, a potential passenger and all the reports available for this vehicle: trip history, the driver's working time chronology, the trailer temperature or eco-driving reports, for example.

Manage your transport activities in real time

With real-time information on your fleet, you always make good decisions. You can easily adapt to unforeseen circumstances. You maximize the use of your vehicles by adjusting your transport assignments throughout the day and you communicate easily with your drivers using instant messaging.

Plan your trucks’ routes

Vehco’s Truck Positioning solution also helps you to plan your tours. You can precisely control your vehicles' journeys and avoid unnecessary kilometres thanks to our route calculation and geofencing tools.

Analyze your fleet activity

With access to key indicators, you can analyze your activities in detail. You view the history of all your trips and analyze the position, stopping times and speed of the vehicles.

Vehco Play 
Vehco Mobile (positions of the smartphone/tablet)
Vehco Connect (positions of the vehicle)
Vehco Onboard (positions of the vehicle)
Vehco Asset (positions of the trailer/equipment)
Vehco Connect Light

What is Fleet Positioning? Fleet positioning and tracking are key services in a fleet management system. Each resource (vehicle, container, trailer etc) is equipped with a positioning device that sends positions through a modem regularly. The positions together with other inormation are presented on a map application.

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