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Perfectly plan your fleet’s missions with a tailored Route Calculation Tool

Easy-to use tool to calculate routes for your transports
Conditions, such as tolls and road limitations can be defined
It is possible to get a suggested route between several destinations, calculated with truck attributes in mind.
The advanced user can create profiles of its own, to compare the length and speed of different routes
Stop-based planning, where the server suggests a number of routes, timing, driving instructions.
Gives the dispatcher an idea of how much driving time and working hours that will be needed for a mission
Avoid unnecessary kilometres, save fuel and control your costs by choosing the best routes

Your fleet is not homogeneous? Your missions are always different and do not always start at the same time? Your route calculation tool should therefore always adjust to the different criteria of your activity.

A tailored calculation tool adapted to your vehicles

Vehco’s route calculation tool is fully customizable. Define very precise criteria for each mission, such as, for example, the vehicle profile (truck over 7.5t, bus, truck with trailer,...), the number of axes, the weight of the vehicle and trailer, the vehicle speed profile (on motorways, express roads, urban areas,...) and your desire, if necessary, to avoid motorways. You get a truly personalized route that give you a very accurate estimation of the cost and duration of your deliveries, as well as their CO2 emissions. Your invoices are always appropriate.

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A Route Calculation Tool is a Fleet Management Tool used to plan the routes of vehicles. This gives the operator a clear idea of the distance and time required for each transport mission.

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