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Monitor the temperature of your trailers with Vehco Asset Pro

Secure an unbroken cold chain by monitoring temperature sensitive goods with Vehco Asset Pro

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Display the real-time temperature of your trailers
Driver temperature monitoring
Provide temperature reports to an end customer or in the event of a dispute
Access data from the refrigeration unit: temperatures and set points
Get alerts directly on your web portal to react immediately in case of temperature malfunction
Ensure a strict cold chain integrity thanks to a permanent monitoring of your trailers’ temperature.

Companies specialising in the transport of refrigerated goods must nowadays set up tools to monitor the goods temperature and to provide their customers with reliable data on temperature history of the delivered products.

How to track the temperature of my goods?

Vehco Asset Pro is a real hub that can be connected to a range of peripherals, including the cooling equipment of your trailers or temperature sensors in your trailer. It records and transmits to your web portal all the information you need to control the temperature of your trailers.

Permanent monitoring of the trailer temperature

You can monitor the temperature of your trailers in real time. Define maximum and minimum temperature thresholds adapted to the transported product. You will receive alerts in your application and directly in the cabin as soon as these thresholds are exceeded. Any suspicious temperature variation can be dealt with immediately. This will prevent damage and penalties.

Provide reliable temperature reports to your customers

The temperatures of your trailers are continuously recorded and archived. In case of dispute, you can easily provide the temperature history to justify your activity and avoid penalties related to the delivery of non-compliant goods.

Access the information of the refrigerator group

Vehco Asset Pro also allows you to check the temperatures and setpoints of the cooling equipment (ThermoKing or Carrier) and to receive temperature deviation alerts.

Temperature monitoring for drivers (option)

Let your drivers follow the goods temperature on the screen in the cabin. The function gives drivers a possibility to follow the temperature every 5 minutes in any cargo space that is connected to Asset Pro via Vehco Mobile or Vehco Vision. This feature makes it possible for the driver to check the status and act on deviating temperatures before the goods have been damaged. By selecting the temperature monitoring service, the driver has a full overview over the temperature.

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Vehco Asset Pro
Vehco Mobile
Vehco Vision

There are requirements from government agencies and industry organizations to equip refrigerators with temperature logs to monitor temperatures, to create traceability (what happened?) and to determine responsibility (who is responsible?). The applicable standard is EN12830: 1999. 

Temperature monitoring require two (sometimes more) temperature sensors per cargo space. One sensor for the inlet air (what temperature is added to the goods)? One sensor for the return air (how much does the goods get the temperature to rise / fall?). The sensors are connected to a logger/onboard computer that gathers the temperatures and sends them to a central server. The temperatures can then be monitored by the Transport Management in real time, through reports and in same cases by the drivers (if they have driver applications that offer temperature monitoring).

This means that the transporting company can show that the goods has gone through an uninterrupted series of storage and transportation events where its given temperature range has been maintained. 

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