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Manage the driving and rest times of drivers successfully with Vehco


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Assign missions always adapted to the time constraints of drivers
Prevent violations and fines
Generate reports on violations and increase the driver’s awareness
Offer a really intuitive time management tool to your drivers
Let your drivers concentrate on the road and be guided by automatic notifications
React immediately in case of violation thanks to alerts
Get a complete view of the drivers’ working times
Record the times of a passive driver when two drivers are in the cabin
Analyse the activities timeline and edit it
Spot and manage night hours
Be alerted when a driver is inactive more than X minutes and identify too long waiting times
Efficiently organise the missions of your drivers while fully respecting the regulations on working times

In the transport industry, it is sometimes very difficult for both managers and drivers to comply with a particularly complex working time regulation. Thanks to a real-time feedback of tachograph data, Vehco offers an effective Time Management Tool for drivers.

How do you control drivers' driving and rest times?

Connected to the tachograph, the on-board computer records the driving and rest times for each driver. Then, it displays them in the manager's web portal for planning and controlling working times and in the driver interface for real-time monitoring of his activities.

Check drivers' activities in real time

A simple click on a vehicle allows you to view the driver's current activity (driving, rest or work) as well as a weekly summary of driving and rest hours. You are always aware of the drivers' activities and can easily identify malfunctions.

Quickly analyze drivers' working times using a chronological display

You can very easily summarize drivers’ hours with a colourful chronological display. In this timeline view, you always see each activity in detail and each driver's driving, rest, work and availability rates.

Assign missions to drivers respecting the regulations

For a more global view, you can generate reports of all kinds on drivers' driven, worked or available hours. Thanks to an overview of the remaining times of all drivers, you can easily assign missions adapted to working hours.

Provide a Time Management Tool to your drivers

The driver can follow the evolution of his working time on a touch screen or a smartphone. He has an overview of his activities for the day, month or last weeks, he follows his current activity and is always informed, via notifications, of the breaks he must take or the limits he must not exceed. He can trust an effective time management tool to always comply with the legislation.

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What is Driving Time Management? The EU regulations on driving times is strict but includes lots of exceptions: the daily driving can be extended to 10h twice a week, the rest times can be split up (15’ and 30’), the weekly rest can be reduced, etc. Transport Managers and drivers are consequently first and foremost time managers. And without a time management tool, it is really difficult for them to be sure to always respect the regulation on driving and rest times.

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