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Let the drivers access their transport orders in real time!


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Powerful configuration possibilities
User defined sort order
Adjustable automatic deletion times depending on the status
Orders can be presented in different ways in the same computer due to something sent attributes (eg, dialect)
Connection of the receipt printer
Binding feedback to status changes
Wizard functionality (minimizing the number of keystrokes when many of the same order)
Protected fields
Order history
Access to real-time updates of transport details
Simplification Function to enter commas
Save location, time etc on the field in order
Allowing an event (status change) in order flow to save a position
Pedagogic view of the transport assignments for the drivers in the vehicles
Collection of data for efficient invoicing of the missions (quantities, signatures, etc.)
The order service offers a flexible mobile extension of the transportation management system.

By connecting your Transport Management System (TMS) with Vehco Order Handling, you will be able to display the transport tasks for your drivers directly in the vehicles. The user interface is configurable and easy to use.

Questions can be made mandatory to ensure that the required information from the assignments is collected before an order can be completed. This ensures that the right information is collected as a basis for billing to optimize the invoicing process. You can schedule the assignments and then in real time follow the updates and tasks performed by the drivers such as Acceptance of the order, load and unload.

Many transportation companies spend too much administration work to manage orders and missions between the office, the drivers and with the end-customers. Our order service offers several key features that simplify the order handling in the truck in order to reduce errors, improve efficiency and to fasten up the invoicing.

Shows transport duties directly to the vehicles

You plan and send out the transport assignments to the drivers via your transport management system (TMS). The drivers are notified when an order is assigned to them on their tablet / smartphone. While performing the assignment, they update the status to finally put it as performed. The solution includes a variety of features, such as starting navigation tools directly from the order.

 Compare forecasts with actual outcomes in transport missions

There are powerful opportunities to compare forecasts in your TMS with actual data collected from the onboard computers. For example, you can analyse mileage on your vehicle, roads, service hours, breaks and rest times, waiting times, empty driving or consumption. You can calculate the profitability of a route or mission and use historical data to negotiate new agreements.

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