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Let the drivers access their transport missions in real time!


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Pedagogic view of the transport assignments for the drivers in the vehicles (Mission, Stop and task)
Access to real-time updates of transport details
Collection of data for efficient invoicing of the missions (quantities, signatures, etc.)
Ability to use data from the onboard computer (mileage, driving times, waiting times ...) to analyze the profitability of each mission
Make sure your drivers have 100% up-to-date information about their missions and that you get complete data for smooth billing of the transports

By connecting your Transport Management System (TMS) with Vehco Missions, you will be able to display the transport tasks for your drivers directly in the vehicles. The user interface is easy to use and the service is divided into three levels:

1. Mission: A route that usually has more than 2 stops
2. Stop: loading and / or unloading
3. Task: What to do at each stop

The above levels can be supplemented with: Status, Information, Questions, Position and Deviation.
Questions can be made mandatory to ensure that the required information from the assignments is collected before an mission can be completed. This ensures that the right information is collected as a basis for billing to optimize the invoicing process. You can schedule the assignments and then in real time follow the updates and tasks performed by the drivers such as Acceptance of the Mission, Load and Unload.

Shows transport duties directly to the vehicles

You plan and send out the transport assignments to the drivers via your transport management system (TMS). The drivers are notified when an assignment is assigned to them on their tablet / smartphone. While performing the assignment, they update the status to finally put it as performed. The solution includes a variety of features, such as starting navigation tools directly from the mission.

Compare forecasts with actual outcomes in transport missions

There are powerful opportunities to compare forecasts in your TMS with actual data collected from the onboard computers. For example, you can analyze mileage on your vehicle, roads, service hours, breaks and rest times, waiting times, empty driving or consumption. You can calculate the profitability of a route or mission and use historical data to negotiate new agreements

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What is a TMS – FMS connection? A Transport Management System helps to handle orders and to plan transport missions while a Fleet Management system offers real-time information on the fleet and on the missions. With a TMS – FMS interface, it is possible to send transport orders to the Fleet Management System so that the drivers can view their missions and routes on their screens. That way, information from the field can also be reported directly to the TMS.

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