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Improve the traceability of my drivers' activities


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Follow up your consumption (number of liters, vehicle mileage, precise location…)
Keep track of the skips’ content and the cleaning processes and prove the respect of hygiene norms a posteriori
Track and reduce waiting times
Record your empty kilometers
Analyse all the information about your loadings/unloadings (positioning, time, filling ratio, goods nature and quantity…)
Check the working conditions of a vehicle or the trailer before starting a mission
Instantly receive any litigation, incident or damage declaration
Check the number of delivered or recovered pallets
Manage your drivers' tasks in detail by creating customized workflows.

Vehco’s Qualified Activities module is a customized tool for collecting and analyzing specific information on your fleet. This allows you to automatically receive data from your drivers. By creating your own workflows, you have an immediate access to the information you are interested in and a fine-tune analysis of all your deliveries.

How to accurately track driver activities?

You define yourself the information you need. In a few clicks, you select the activity, the concerned vehicles and the questions you want to ask your drivers. The driver will then receive this flow of questions on his screen at the appropriate time. Directly, you will have access to the answers and you will be able to analyze them.

Drivers report on their activities on the field

Drivers can easily send reports on their activities. They select the activities and answer the questions in a few seconds. For example, they may specify the number of pallets delivered and loaded or send you a report on the condition of the equipment before starting a tour.

Analyze your drivers activities

This service can be used to analyze many key information on your fleet. For example, you can record your empty kilometers, follow up your fuel purchases or even track waiting times.

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