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Geofences can be created as circles with variable radius
Geofences can be defined as polygons with unlimited number of corners
User-friendly set up where vehicles, time and activities are defined (automatic e-mails)
Reports with geofences are available in Weboffice
All geofences are presented in the map application
Geofencing makes it possible to register and see when a vehicle enters or leaves a certain area

With Geofencing, you create geographical zones that trigger alerts. You get real-time information when a vehicle leaves or arrives in a certain geographical area.

How does geofencing work?

The service Geofence involves defining geographical areas. When Geofence is opened, a list of all the company geofences are presented. Green circle for active geofence and red circle inactive. It is possible to create reports and track vehicles after a geofence has been triggered. You can also see geofence information directly on the map view. Make sure that geofence icon is highlighted!

Anticipate your trucks’arrival

Create a geofencing zone around your site. When the truck is approaching, you get an alert. Everybody can get ready more quickly.

Offer a better service to your customers

Create a geofencing zone around your customer’s delivery site. Every time a truck enters this zone, you will get an alert. You can then call your customer telling him that his goods are arriving.

Control your drivers’ routes with geofencing

If you want to forbid some geographical zones, it is easy. Just select them and you can easily check if your drivers follow your instructions. You can use geofencing to forbid the use of highways or dangerous roads for example.

Vehco Play 
Vehco Mobile (positions of the smartphone/tablet)
Vehco Connect (positions of the vehicle)
Vehco Onboard (positions of the vehicle)
Vehco Asset (positions of the trailer/equipment)

What is Geofencing? Geofencing refers to a Fleet Management tool used to create a virtual geographical perimeter and to associate alerts with it when vehicles enter or leave this area.

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