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The drivers' log from Vehco makes it easy to track private and company trips


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Times: The start and stop dates and times, including time elapsed
Locations: The start and stop addresses, number of stops in between are automatically registered
Distance: The start and stop mileage is automatically registered (relative from installation), mileage
Trip Information: Type of travel that has been indicated (business, personal, commuting or other)
The purpose: The purpose of the trip is registered in Vehco Weboffice
Driver: The driver associated with the trips are automatically registered if logged into the system
Vehicles: The vehicle that produced the journey is automatically registered
Two reports are included (daily summary of all vehicles, detailed report per vehicle)
Are your company vehicles also used for private trips? Do you feel you don't have control of the fuel costs? Are you still working with hand-written driver logs? Then, there are several reasons to buy Vehco's electronic driver's log!

Through a flexible technical solution, our triplogger will log all trips automatically via GPS, calculates mileage and distances, to minimise the amount of tax paid and eliminate the risk of HMRC penalty charges. It also becomes easier to both reduce fuel costs and wear and tear on your vehicle when you and your drivers know how and when the vehicles are used. The electronic driver's log from Vehco meets the Tax Agency's recommendations on mileage logs. The electronic driver's log consists of a GPS positioning unit (Vehco Connect Light or Vehco Connect) that keeps track of your trips, starts, stops, times and places of private or professional trips. The GPS unit communicates with our server (via GPRS mobile network) which saves your information in a safe place. You can access the information via our web-based office systems, Vehco Weboffice, where we also offer a complete system for Fleet Management including services like Positioning, Tracking, Geofencing.

Vehco Connect Light
Vehco Connect
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