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Automatic download and archiving of the tachograph’s files


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Legal files are automatically downloaded remotely from the tachograph
Access files and drivers’ hours from the tachograph frequently every 24 hours
Analyze the tachograph files from my vehicles and drivers on a web portal
Access 30 + reports to follow up the vehicles and the drivers’ files
No vehicle immobilization, the files are automatically downloaded “on the run”
No time-consuming manual downloading
Company card hosted by Vehco for a 24 h availability
Easy access to a powerful web portal for complete analysis of the 3 legal files (option)
Automatize the process to download your vehicles and drivers tachograph files remotely and comply with the regulations more easily.

Fleet owners are required to store 12 months of tachograph data and to check for compliance against drivers’ hours regulations. With our remote tachograph download solution, you can automatize the process to download your vehicles’ and drivers’ tachograph files. The obligation to regularly download and archive DDD files will no longer be time-consuming and constraining. The process will be entirely automatic and you will not need to immobilize your vehicles.

How does the Remote Download of Tachograph data work?

Hosted at Vehco, your company card will be connected to the tachograph remotely via a card reader. Once the identification has been received, the vehicle’s on-board computer will retrieve the data and send them to Vehco’s server.
Your vehicles’ and drivers’ files will be downloaded automatically regularly. The drivers’ files will be handled thanks to the identification of the driver via the insertion of his card.

Follow up the progression of tachograph files downloads

In your web application, you can monitor the progress of the RTD process for vehicles and drivers and identify unmapped cards.

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Remote Tachograph Download is a solution to automatize the download of tachograph files. Data from a digital tachograh is stored in the vehicle unit memory and on driver smart cards. A transport operator must download data from the card every 21 days and the vehicle unit every 3 months. To do so, he would need to go in the vehicle with a key. An automatic and remote solution saves hime this manual operation.

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