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Analyze your Refueling and Refilling activities with Vehco

Refuel report: Can be used instead of manually on paper and sent directly to the office
The administrative work concerning fuel monitoring decreases to a minimum
Refill report: for other fluids such as AdBlue, washer fluid, coolant
Reports are submitted to the office for each refill. Easy to monitor consumption per vehicle and per driver
Get control over your consumption and minimize the administrative work!

In the Refuel report module the user can add information about the refueling of the vehicle. The report modules consist of five steps: 1. Enter volume, 2. Enter km-standing (automatically filled if use of Vehco Connect), 3. Select site, 4. Add comments and 5. Select Refuel type (full/not full)

In the Refill report module, the user can add information about the refill of other fluids than fuel. The information from the refuel report can be used for automatic calibration of the fuel management service in the Eco-driving package.

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What is Fuel Management? Fuel Management systems are used to record and monitor fuel consumption. It is particularly helpful when managing a fleet of vehicles. The transport manager gets full reports to analyze the fuel purchase and consumption. 

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