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Analyse the performance of your fleet with Vehco Start Stop


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Automatic gathering of key data about the fleet’s productivity
Base for Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
Intuitive and detailed reports
Milage and fuel data availablie in map
Get the data for your KPIs automatically gathered, compiled and made available in detailed reports. Access fuel and start- stop data directly in the map.

Most transportation companies work hard to optimize their operations to improve the profitability. Through the Vehco Start/stop service, key information about the fleet’s productivity is automatically gathered, compiled and made available through Vehco Weboffice. In the report module there are five predefined reports available:

1. Kilometer production report for vehicles

2. Daily Summary for one vehicle

3. Daily Summary for vehicles

4. Start/stop report for vehicles

5. Simplified start/stop report for vehicles

Start/stop events created on Tachograph (D8) information

Normally the data to the Start and stop reports comes from a Vehco onboard computer (Vehco Connect). But also the information from the Tachograph D8 connection is enough to create Start/ stop events. Understandably, these start/stops don’t contain vehicle data such as fuel and fuel level, but they do contain the odometer reading as reported by the tachograph, along with position information, location and date/time.

Start/stop events and fuel information in the map

Through the Vehco Start/stop service, start- and stop events are presented in the map in the tracking module. The stop markings appear where such a stop record has been recorded (normally after minimum a stop of 180 s.)

Powerful report features

As with all reports in Weboffice, there are great possibilities to configure the Start/stop reports in different ways. Below some of the report features are presented.

•   Time selection: Choose the start- and end time. Each half hour or any time (hh:mm).

•   Create and name own “report-templates”

•   Share reports with other Weboffice users

•   Schedule reports to be sent out by email

•   Select dynamic resources in the report (e.g. a fixed group or all available resources)

•   Dynamic controls of a generated report: (Click the column headers to alter the sort order)

•   Export or print a report (PDF, Excel CSV or Standard CSV)

•   Quick-link reports as a shortcut from current selection (in Maps and Resource overview)

Vehco Connect
Vehco Connect Light
Vehco Panel PC and Vehco Onboard
Vehco Asset Pro/Light (some limitations)

A start- and stop report presents all the start and stops of a vehicle. Normally additional information (like milage, fuel levels and consumption, user info) is also presented in the report to help the transport manager to analyse and optimize the fleet operations over time. typically the reports are also used to analyse the productivity of the fleet (Km-production report)

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