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Vehco Privacy Policy

Vehco and our subsidiaries continuously work to improve the protection of the personal data we process in our operations. We take the personal integrity of visitors to our webpages and users of our systems seriously. Our goal is to make sure that your personal privacy is respected and that your personal information is processed correctly. We take responsibility that personal data processed by Vehco is only used for intended purposes and that it is protected from unauthorized access. Further we take responsibility for processing of personal data to be in accordance with the provisions of the Data Protection Ordinance (EU 2016/679, see and in accordance with the guidelines applicable to the Vehco Group.

Personal data processor

Vehco consits of a group of companies who are all responsible for processing of personal data under the Data Protection Regulation (EU 2016/679). The Group includes the following entities:

  • Vehco AB (Sweden, Finland, Italy)
  • Vehco Norway (branch to Vehco AB)
  • Vehco  A/S (Denmark)
  • Vehco SAS (France)
  • Vehco GmbH (Germany)

What is personal data and what is meant by data processing?

Personal data is all information that can be directly or indirectly linked to a living person. Examples of personal data are names (if unique), social security number, postal address and e-mail address. Processing of personal data includes all handling of personal data such as collection, processing, registration, interconnection, dissemination and storage.

 What personal data is collected and when is it processed?

Vehco processes personal data when:

  • We receive orders from our products
  • We deliver and invoice our products to customers
  • We promote Vehco and our products via e-mail (you can always choose to unsubscribe directly in the mail), direct marketing, newsletters and social media
  • we analyze and group persons after preferences, titles, company types etc. This means that a so-called profiling is done to provide you with relevant and customized information, recommendations, ads and offers. The profile information may be used in connection with the promotion through newsletters and social media
  • When customers / stakeholders sign up for our subscription service for mailing
  • when we meet potential customers at fairs, conferences or similar
  • someone is looking for a vacancy or declaring his/her interest in employment with us
  • someone is contacting us in general. 

Below is an example of how personal data is handled in connection with order handling.


Vehco Privacy Policy

In the different steps above, we use personal data as follows:

  1. In this step, an order will be sent to us containing personal details such as email address, name of reference person, etc. A customer number is also created for internal reference (if not earlier).
  2. We check if the ordered product is in stock. With the request, the customer number is included as a reference.
  3. If the product is not in stock, we start production. During production, the customer number is included as a reference.
  4. To be able to transport the goods to the customer, personal information such as the reference person of the customer is used, in addition to the address.
  5. To be able to invoice the customer for ordered goods, the name of the reference person, customer number and order number will be used. If the invoice is to be sent by e-mail, an e-mail address is also used.

The personal data associated with the above process is saved for at least 7 years, based on the requirement of the Swedish Accounting Act.

 If you visit or communicate with us through our social media accounts (i.e. third-party platforms such as Facebook and Linkedin), Vehco may receive information about your profile and your third party platform interactions from its provider.

Registered data

When representatives of a company make orders and notifications, names of the company's contact persons, their position and departmental title, as well as their address, telephone number and e-mail address to the workplace are registered.

Registered data during application and recruitment processes

In the example when someone is looking for a vacancy at, or sending a spontaneous application to Vehco, we record the information that the person has given to us. We refrain from registering sensitive personal data such as racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, membership in trade union and health. If you provide such information, we will generally delete that information about you. Unless otherwise agreed, we retain the data 12 months after the recruitment has ended.

Purposeful and legal processing of personal data

Vehco always processes your personal data in accordance with the applicable law and we request only personal data when there is a purpose and a legal basis. The reason we retain personal data for an extended time in connection with recruitment is that recruitment processes often are re-started.  It will then benefit both parties if the data is available after recruitment. After the period, Vehco deletes all personal data collected in connection with the application/recruitment. If Vehco would process your personal information for any purpose that, according to applicable law, requires your consent, we will obtain your prior consent.

Preservation and deletion of personal data

Vehco retains personal data if the data is necessary for us to fulfill our obligations. Typically, this means that we keep the data for purposes such as marketing, sales, deployment of our products and services, invoicing and handling of complaints. If there is a consent to process personal data for marketing purposes, even after the relationship between us as a supplier and a customer has ceased, it will remain until the consent is withdrawn.

Information on processing

You have the right to get information (a transcript) about what personal data is processed by Vehco. If so, please send a written request to Vehco’s Data Privacy Manager to the address below. If you believe that information about you is incorrect, then Vehco undertakes to correct the error promptly after receiving written request.

 Note that this is a free service once a year. If a request for a transcript is received more than once a year, Vehco will charge an administrative fee to respond to the request.

Restrictions on disclosure of personal data

Vehco may hire external partners (suppliers) to perform tasks on behalf of Vehco, e.g. to provide IT services or help with marketing, analysis or statistics. The execution of these services may mean that Vehco's partners, both within the EU / EEA and outside the EU / EEA, have access to your personal data. Companies that handle personal data on Vehco's behalf always sign an agreement with Vehco to ensure a high level of protection of your personal data, even with our partners.


There is always a risk of disclosing personal data over the Internet. No technology system is completely protected from intrusion. Vehco is continuously working to improve technical and organizational security measures to protect personal data and other information against unauthorized access, modification, dissemination and destruction.


Vehco AB 

to: Data Privacy Manager

Falkenbergsgatan 3

412 85 Göteborg

T: +46 (0) 31 64 51 00

Tag the envelope or the message with "Data Privacy Manager"


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