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28 Jun 2017

Interview with the French freight company Transports Laporte, one of the leaders in Vehco Eco-Driving Challenge

In Vehco’s Eco-Driving Challenge, the French company Transports Laporte displays a high and constant global index. It goes, week after week, from 83 to 85. A score that could bring the company on the top of the podium at the end of the year. What is its secret? - A really strong management culture and a more than 20 years old awareness campaign to promote rational driving and fuel savings!

22 Jun 2017
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Vehco introduces the 5th generation of Vehco Connect

Göteborg, Sweden (21 June, 2017)

07 Jun 2017
  • Corporate

Vehco is recruiting a Sales Representative for Finland (based in Sweden)

We are now recruiting a Sales Representative for Finland together with Expatria Human Resources ( Se details below! If you have any questions; please contact Andreas Östlund ( or +46 708 26 91 81)


04 May 2017

Vehco introduces "Fleet Management a la carte"

Vehco Group introduces a new a la carte offer for a completely customizable telematics solution. Each customer will be able to create his own tailored solution thanks to the selection of services adapted to his needs.

15 Mar 2017
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Thousands of drivers to join global Eco-Driving challenge when Vehco 5 is launched

When Vehco launches its 5th generation of its Fleet Management software, the customers are invited to participate in a Global Eco-Driving Challenge. The challenge is based on an Eco-Driving index where all customers and their drivers can be compared in a fair way. The index is, together with an updated user interface empowering both drivers and office users, two of the most important new features of the brand new Vehco 5.

14 Feb 2017
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Ahola Transport continues to invest in environment and road traffic safety with Vehco

In a press release on February 13th 2017, Ahola Transport presents an investment of an additional 150 vehicle computers from Vehco that are now deployed. The key drivers are to reduce the carbon footprint and increase road traffic safety. The system helps and motivates to a more environmental friendly and safer driving.

20 Jan 2017
  • Products

Features in the latest releases of Vehco 4

We feel very excited about our all the new features in our latest releases of Vehco 4 including Driver's Log, Support of Barcode scanning and Attachments and Calculation of Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) through the Missions Module.

29 Dec 2016
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Bring and Norska Posten work with Vehco and Stoneridge for analysis of Drive- and Resting times

The Norwegian logistic company Bring and Norska Posten have selected the software OPTAC 3 for analysis of Drive- and Resting times. The system has been rolled out during 2016 and more than 1000 vehicles and 1500 drivers will now use this solution. The project is a collaboration between Vehco and Stoneridge who developed a joint solution based on the OPTAC 2 software which is offered to Vehco customers in Europe.


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