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A great place to work

We want to be the best, both for our employees and our customers. In order for us to succeed, we attach great importance to developing your professional skills as well as developing you as a person. We help you create the right conditions for you to exceed our customers' expectations and we challenge you to be able to exceed your expectations. Vehco is part of AddSecure where staff development is high on the agenda. Each year, a joint conference is held where all employees within the Group are invited (Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, the Netherlands, France, Poland, Germany, and Spain). Within the Group, a number of tools, such as Winning Temp, are used to continuously measure and follow up on how well the staff is doing and that there are the right conditions to do a good job.


Workplace and culture

We think it is important that you develop with us - both in a purposeful and joy-creating way. To be able to do that, we believe that you value always delivering the best and most thoughtful solutions. That you are open to creative communication and collaboration. And not least, that you show care to colleagues when the workload is high. 


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