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2020-04-08 09:45

Ahréns Åkeri, Utne Transport, and Brüggemann in top positions from start

During March, we were happy to see that some of the new participants did really good improvements!

Ahréns Åkeri entered the "global" podium for best index improvement and Best Eco-Momentum, and Utne Transport has taken the lead in Norway. In Germany, Brüggemann has made a rocket start and is now in the lead. Well done!

Transport tools
2018-06-26 21:35

Register waiting times smoothly through Geofence (geographic areas)

Some Fleet Management Systems have the ability to create virtual geographic areas on a map. In Vehco's system, this feature is called Geofence. This feature allows companies to create areas of any kind on a map. When a vehicle equipped with Vehco enters or leaves a geofence-area, this is recorded in the system. As you decide on the size of the area, you can calculate how long time it will take for the vehicle from it enters the geographical area until the vehicle leaves the area. Often, such a geographical area is placed just around the loading area of the customer. Obviously, it is then important to know the actual time for the unloading- and loading activities so that you can break out what is the waiting...

Transport tools
2018-06-20 19:50

It is often pointed out that the first step in solving a problem is to be aware that you have a problem. This also applies to unnecessary waiting times for loading and unloading of goods. In a survey carried out by Vehco, it turned out that 90 % of the interviewed transportation companies were aware that their drivers are experiencing waiting times, but they did not have a good estimate of the scope, nor what these hours cost the company. At the same time, the interviewed companies showed a great interest in finding ways to register and reduce the waiting times, if there are efficient ways to do it. 

 Fleet Management System can be used to identify and quantify waiting times. Vehco's system offers several features to do this. Depending on how the business is run, you...

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Transport tools
2018-06-20 19:46

Many transportation companies experience waiting times and they are costly both in terms of money and time. Waiting times often occur at the customer's place, as the driver must wait before loading or unloading of the goods. Even if every waiting period is not always long, it quickly accumulates to substantial time, which costs a lot of money over time. For most transportation companies this is an indirect expense that is difficult to get full coverage for when the customer is charged. For this reason, there is good potential to save money and time in this area.

 In this e-book we will explain how to effectively measure and reduce the unnecessary waiting times that are common in the industry. We will partly discuss how telematics and Fleet Management Systems can be used to...

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