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Transport strategy
2019-10-24 11:08

If you are considering this kind of project for your business, it is important to step back and tackle it in a comprehensive manner. This project does not only concern drivers. It is a project that will impact many of the departments and services in the company. Naturally, the financial department will be involved (after all, this is a project to save fuel) as well as the fleet management department as the project may lead to investments in vehicles with less impact on the environment. The transport management department plays a key role to make sure unnecessary kilometers and empty kilometers are avoided and that delivery plans are well planned and not too tight.

“I had 3 months to prove that we could reduce fuel...

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Transport strategy
2019-10-24 10:59

The principles of eco-driving seem simple enough at first glance. But when it comes to managing the project in a company with a large
fleet of vehicles, there are several obstacles and challenges ahead that need to be mitigated and controlled.



One of the first difficulties will be to get the engagement of the employees! Resistance to changes is quite common. Drivers often think this type of training is unnecessary and you will probably hear statements such as ”You will not teach me how to drive” or ”Ecodriving it is for old people”.
A typical comment is that “they have no choice”.

Transport strategy
2019-04-09 09:23

In Vehco's survey where 64 transport companies were interviewed, it turned out that 28% of the carriers believe that training is the most important factor when it comes to succeeding in the implementation of a fleet management project. It seems obvious that users must have the knowledge to be able to handle their new solution.

Transport strategy
2019-04-09 09:13

Careful planning of installation and commissioning

Take time to study your deployment process. Proper coordination of the installation in vehicles and at the company’s headquarters is essential. You will save time and avoid unnecessary vehicle downtime. Make a list of all vehicles and be sure to keep the workshop and operations well informed of the installation schedule. This way, all the pieces of the puzzle can be put in place with the least effort for employees.
We always recommend a quick installation.

Transport strategy
2019-04-09 09:02

Involved and engaged drivers are important factors to succeed in a Fleet Management project. Keep the organization informed in an open and transparent manner. Explain the objectives, the expected benefits and the timetable for the project and installations

Transport strategy
2019-04-09 08:52

The technical prerequisites in the vehicles play a major role in how well a system for Fleet Management will work.

Transport strategy
2019-04-09 06:53

Define a strategy with improvement goals for your telematics project!

Before any purchase decision is made, it is preferable to define a strategy with improvement objectives. Create a plan with the realistic objectives you expect from the solution in the short and medium term. Define from the outset the indicators you want to monitor. For example, note the cost per kilometer, vehicle consumption, total number of deliveries, driver duty times, empty kilometers, number of hours dedicated to a particular task... This gives you a baseline to measure the improvements attributable to your new system. After implementation, continue measuring to validate these indicators. These measures will be very useful if you ever have to defend your project...

Transport strategy
2019-04-09 06:51

A good qualification of the needs of the company, which is implemented with the users' requirements in mind, will make your Fleet Management project more likely to be successful. Read more about how you can define current and future needs before choosing Fleet Management systems.

Transport strategy
2019-03-28 14:50


Are you not completely satisfied with your fleet management solution ? But before deciding to change it, a small analysis of the market is needed. This will allow you to identify the different actors to contact in a timely manner and to objectively assess whether a change of supplier guarantees you the implementation of a solution that is more appropriate to your needs.


Embedded computing is often only one component of a complex system. Don’t forget to take into account all the aspects of your current solution; the software used by your operators, the associated Transport Management System, the embedded hardware, the other connected software and the drivers’ interface. Identify duplicate...

Transport strategy
2019-03-20 16:26

Appoint a dedicated Project Manager to your Fleet Management Project

At the heart of the transport company’s flows, a fleet management system is a great opportunity to improve its productivity, organization and profitability. However, the implementation of this type of solution is sometimes complex. First of all, because it is a question of changing the habits of many employees. Resistance to change is common while employee buy-in is essential to ensure a rapid return on investment. The technicality and the fragmented nature of the project, in the vehicles and within the company, further complicate the approach. The Fleet Management system is often only one component of a complex information system, sometimes also integrating a...


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