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Why is it important to keep track of the waiting times?

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Many transportation companies experience waiting times and they are costly both in terms of money and time. Waiting times often occur at the customer's place, as the driver must wait before loading or unloading of the goods. Even if every waiting period is not always long, it quickly accumulates to substantial time, which costs a lot of money over time. For most transportation companies this is an indirect expense that is difficult to get full coverage for when the customer is charged. For this reason, there is good potential to save money and time in this area.

 In this e-book we will explain how to effectively measure and reduce the unnecessary waiting times that are common in the industry. We will partly discuss how telematics and Fleet Management Systems can be used to identify and reduce the waiting times, but also other aspects of the problem.

JLG Transports in France reduces costs through Vehco Fleet Management

 "If we did not have any waiting times at all, we would save about $ 100,000 each month." - Laurent Last Le Gal, JLG Transport (France)

Why is it important to keep track of the waiting times?

There are several reasons why it is important understand the waiting times. First of all, insights and knowledge about how the business works is always positive. Many companies in the industry know that their drivers experience waiting times, but often they have not quantified the total hours or how much the waiting costs. It's only when you identify and quantify the waiting times that you can do something about them. In the end, it leads to more hours for the drivers on the roads, instead of standing still in a loading area.

Bring uses Vehco to reduce costs of their fleet

 - Waiting times are a problem. It is a waste of time. But it is important to find a smooth and well-functioning way of working effectively to reduce waiting times. - Petter Huddén, Bring Cargo Inrikes (Sweden)

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