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Why is a communication strategy crucial for your Eco-driving project - and how should it be designed?


The success of your eco-driving will depend on your communication strategy. A positive and well-constructed communication will engage your employees. The first steps of the preparation are always important. Before launching your eco-driving project, consider communicating about the project. Talk to your different departments and use this opportunity to detect possible issues. Asking employees for advice on defining goals, for example, allows you to actively involve them and ensure their engagement.

Adopt a clear and consistent communication. Consistent with the company’s climate and throughout the project. For example, if the main objective is to respect the environment, make sure that the company respects the basics. How can you ask employees to believe in your project if, for example, you do not just sort the waste?

“We launched a voluntary eco-driving program. Each driver receives a monthly report on his driving style with his pay slip. These (automatic) reports include points to improve, such as the use of brakes. Seeing factual information helps them become aware of their driving style. This is a first step.”

Delphine BLIN, Transport Assistant, Ambroise Bouvier (FR)


Picture: Example of how results can be communicated by showing the score for the team in the locker room

Your communication can be very simple and use several different media. You can choose to simply display the scores of your teams in the break room. Send monthly newsletters or animate a Facebook page. Use the quick messaging function in the Fleet Management system to communicate with the drivers. You can also choose to put the best drivers in the spotlight. The important thing is to communicate regularly and positively.

Celebrate the start of the project and important milestones! Even if it is not with great pomp, organize a launch of the project to reach all employees and make it a real company project. At the launch, the presentation of the project is of paramount. Help the employees to understand it, convince them of its merits and create a sense of belonging. Give meaning to the overall goals you have set, communicate positively and clearly present the role that is expected for everyone.

As already mentioned, your communication or the animation of your eco-driving must be based on objective indicators. Use numbers to remain objective, set goals and demonstrate performance. For a clear communication, share the diagnostics and the numbers of the consumption and other criteria at the individual and collective level. This is easy because you have gathered all these data to do your initial audit. In any case, explain clearly the indicators and your expectations for each driver.

If possible, divide the drivers into several groups and let the groups compete each other. The fighting spirit is often a very efficient way to get drivers perform.

”We quickly decided to make Eco-driving a competition between the depots, that’s the key to everything! The idea is to create a competitive spirit. We put the drivers in different groups and presented the results both on a group level and individually. The groups consist of our own drivers and drivers from our pilot companies. By succeeding in creating a strong competitive spirit, nobody wants to be the worst performer since it is then embarrassing to be that driver! Everyone wants to be and remain the leader!”

Fredrik Lotzner, team leader for drivers / fleet, Dagab Backa


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