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6 keys to a successful eco-driving project in a transport company

6 keys to a successful eco-driving project in a transport company

Based on experiences from hundreds of eco-driving projects, where proper eco-driving programs have been implemented, Vehco see
companies make fuel savings of 3-15%. In addition to fuel savings, many of Vehco’s customers have achieved considerable savings through reduced costs of damage, decreased the need of maintenance, lower employee turnover, and less sick leave. These are typically areas that are affected in a positive way when drivers are less stressed thanks to eco-driving. Over the years, Vehco has been part of many Eco-driving initiatives. Not all of them have been successful. The reasons vary, but in most cases, the success of an eco-driving program is dependent on how it is executed. In this whitepaper, we have gathered our experiences in 6 keys to good management of an eco-driving program in a transport company.

Making a success of your Fleet Management Project

11 tips to manage perfectly the implementation of a fleet management solution

This white paper aims to give you the keys to perfectly manage your fleet management project and to optimize your return on investment. We have gathered 11 tips, based on the experience of our teams and telematics users, that will help you to make your project a success.

5 trends in Fleet Management for 2018 and onwards

The development within FMS is fast and it brings continuously new possibilities. FMS is closely linked to the technological development and the automotive industry is currently in a very exciting phase. Digitization has been going on for a while and new concepts like Big Data, Al(Artificial Intelligence) and IoT (Internet of Things) begin to be explored further in practice. For those who work with, and are in charge of, transports and logistics, it can be difficult to stay updated on all new trends and technologies. This e-book is created for those who are curious about some of the key trends within FMS and mobility.

Monitoring industry trends is important for many companies as new solutions often can simplify work and streamline the operations. In this article we present five important trends within FMS 2018 and beyond.

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