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What does Eco-driving have for effect - what are the major benefits?


Based on the experience and outcomes of hundreds of projects in Eco-driving, where proper programs for Eco-driving have been implemented, Vehco has seen that it can have the following benefits.

• Up to 15% fuel savings and CO2 emissions.

• 8% less maintenance thanks to a smoother ride and less wear.

• 15% decrease in accidents.

• It is a federative approach that often also creates a better social climate with less stress resulting in lower employee turnover and less sick leave.

• And which can serve as a tool for individual valorization.

• And finally, eco-driving would also be a way to improve the comfort of drivers, who are more in control and less tired and regain the pleasure of driving.

Based on our experience, the key to good management lies in investing in Eco-driving in 6 areas that you can read about here among our blog articles. See suggestions for articles to the right.


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