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Start measuring your waiting times!

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It is often pointed out that the first step in solving a problem is to be aware that you have a problem. This also applies to unnecessary waiting times for loading and unloading of goods. In a survey carried out by Vehco, it turned out that 90 % of the interviewed transportation companies were aware that their drivers are experiencing waiting times, but they did not have a good estimate of the scope, nor what these hours cost the company. At the same time, the interviewed companies showed a great interest in finding ways to register and reduce the waiting times, if there are efficient ways to do it. 

 Fleet Management System can be used to identify and quantify waiting times. Vehco's system offers several features to do this. Depending on how the business is run, you can choose the ways that best fit your operations. Below we present three examples of ways to register and measure waiting times:

  1. With geographical areas (Geofence)
  2. Through manual registration of waiting times by the driver (Qualified Activities)
  3. By following up waiting times through order- or mission services with integration to Transportation Management System

 By analyzing the collected information, it is possible to discover where and when waiting times arise, and by talking with the drivers you can also get a better understanding of why waiting times arise. In addition, the collected data can serve as a basis for debiting the customer for the waiting period. This makes it easy for you to show a customer were the major delays have occurred and to find ways to fix the problems.


Transport Manager at Borås LBC saving money through Vehco

-   Many hauliers that have begun to measure the waiting times with Vehco tell us that it will be easier to charge customers when you have data and facts to show the customers. Then the customer will be more likely to pay. - Magnus Gunnergård, Vehco

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