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Making a success of your Fleet Management Project

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Appoint a dedicated Project Manager to your Fleet Management Project

At the heart of the transport company’s flows, a fleet management system is a great opportunity to improve its productivity, organization and profitability. However, the implementation of this type of solution is sometimes complex. First of all, because it is a question of changing the habits of many employees. Resistance to change is common while employee buy-in is essential to ensure a rapid return on investment. The technicality and the fragmented nature of the project, in the vehicles and within the company, further complicate the approach. The Fleet Management system is often only one component of a complex information system, sometimes also integrating a planning software (or TMS), a payroll solution or an ERP. In addition, in the case of on-board computer installation, there is the obligation to stop the vehicles, with an obvious impact on productivity.

Many advantages with a dedicated project manager

Appoint a dedicated expert to coordinate your entire Fleet Management project. His role should give him the authority to investigate the existing solution with all departments, analyze its functionality and possibly question some internal processes or dysfunctions that “no one sees anymore”. Sometimes road transport companies use an external consultant to fulfil this role. 

Appoint a dedicated project leader for your Fleet Management project

This has the advantage of offering you the perspective of a “neutral” person. In reality, it is often the IT manager or the operations manager who manages the project. This depends, of course, on your internal resources. Although it is always better if your project manager is a future user of the solution; he or she will be more connected to the daily reality of the company. Appointing a single contact person also means ensuring that someone has a global vision of the project. He will have all information on hand to make decisions, will understand everybody’s needs and will certainly be able to better present the new solution to the teams. A well-orchestrated internal project has fewer dysfunctions and is often better accepted by employees.

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