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Are you not completely satisfied with your fleet management solution ? But before deciding to change it, a small analysis of the market is needed. This will allow you to identify the different actors to contact in a timely manner and to objectively assess whether a change of supplier guarantees you the implementation of a solution that is more appropriate to your needs.


Embedded computing is often only one component of a complex system. Don’t forget to take into account all the aspects of your current solution; the software used by your operators, the associated Transport Management System, the embedded hardware, the other connected software and the drivers’ interface. Identify duplicate information and processes that waste your employees’ time. Also analyse all the paper-based documents used to manage daily life. They may reveal some malfunctions or failures of the software.


It is also important to analyze your existing solution (if you have one). Users usually do not fully take advantage of all the capabilities of a software. So you may be missing out on features that may be useful to you. By listing them all, you get an objective picture of your current solution.


To assess your needs, it is always useful to interview the different categories of people who use the Fleet Management system in the company: the transport managers of course, but also the person who manages the working times data, the vehicles and the drivers. Their opinion on the existing software and its shortcomings will allow you to assess the real needs for your company.

If you do not have a Fleet Management solution yet, do not neglect this step. Your colleagues probably use various tools to compensate for the lack of software. Whether they are spreadsheets, forms, T-sheets, list them and make a note of their purpose. Your job will be to offer an alternative to these tools.  

With this analysis of the market, the user opinions and the information about your current system, you will have all the information on hand to imagine “your ideal solution”. Again, if you do not have the in-house skills, it may be worthwhile to use an external technical expert or consultant for a good analysis of your needs.

The more a transport company wants to optimize its operations, the more IT tools it implements. Some forget that all these software must
communicate in order to enter information only once. Or over time, with acquisitions and reorganizations, companies normally end up with
a stack of different tools that may not be integrated. If you are in this situation, make a list of all the tools, without forgetting the Excel spreadsheets set up more or less discreetly by some employees to address their issues. Then, draw a map of your systems in order to better understand all the information flows in the company.

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