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Involve the entire company in the Eco-driving project


If you are considering this kind of project for your business, it is important to step back and tackle it in a comprehensive manner. This project does not only concern drivers. It is a project that will impact many of the departments and services in the company.

Naturally the financial department will be involved (after all, this is a project to save fuel) as well as the fleet management department as the project may lead to investments in vehicles with less impact of the environment. The transport management department plays a key role to make sure unnecessary kilometres and empty kilometres are avoided and that delivery plans are well planned and not too tight.

“I had 3 months to prove that we could reduce fuel consumption. Now it seems like we will save more than 6 MSEK!”

Mattias Vilgfors,Project Manager,Götene Kyltransporter

Also, the maintenance department is concerned because it must en- sure, of course, that the tires are always correctly inflated to limit the consumptions and that regular revisions of the vehicles are made. Finally, the management team must be engaged, preferably on a per- sonal level. If the CEO and the CFO don’t pay attention, the impact of the project will be limited.

From the start, it is therefore very important that you approach eco-driving as a global company project. Let everyone be aware of the project and incorporate its requirements into their working methods to enable drivers to have good results.


“Initially, I was nervous that I should be the only one who should deliver the ROI and prove the benefits. Now it turns out that there are many people in our organization who are benefiting from the system, so I don’t feel the pressure anymore!”

Allan HVIDBERG, Logistic Manager, AB Catering (DK)

It is also very positive in terms of motivation. For example, thanks to good internal communication, an accounting person could congra- tulate a driver. These little things create positive emulation and are powerful. Then, management must encourage the process and make it an element of personal motivation. This is a key factor because ex- emplarity is essential.


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