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Inform the drivers about the project and get their buy-in

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Engage the drivers in a positive way!

The implementation of a Fleet Management solution affects a majority of the company’s services, especially if a complete FMS is implemented. The daily lives of drivers and transport managers change, but transforming information flows and collected data also have an impact on the payroll department, the workshop, management control and the sales department. Involving and informing all these people from the beginning of the project makes it possible to support the change. 


Keep the organization informed in a transparent manner. Explain the objectives, the expected benefits and the general schedule of the installation. So, no surprise. Everyone should know about it. Expect some initial resistance because employees generally see change as a threat. Clearly informing them at the beginning of the project helps to limit this resistance to change

Prioritera kommunikationen vid projekt för fleet management

Make the communication a priority when implementing a system for fleet management 


Especially for drivers, the solution seems intrusive. Violations and detours must be justified, they are monitored in real time and must be accountable for their activities. But soon, they will be able to appreciate the autonomy gained (no more unnecessary calls from the transport management), the new services they have at their disposal (time management, eco-driving coach, information about missions digitally, quick messages, drive- and resting time coach, navigation directly on the touch screen) and their new responsibilities. Because a Fleet Management System can be a great lever to enhance the value of the drivers’ jobs. They now have to report in real time and their business skills are highlighted. Some will take the time to enter the right consumption figures, for example, others will not. Again, good communication is
crucial. If you expect something from them, explain the reasons for collecting this data. In general, the results will then be better!

Ett system för fleet management kan vara en bra hävstång för att förbättra statusen och värdet av förarnas jobb

A fleet management system can be a good lever to improve the status and value of drivers' jobs.

Often companies start a deployment with a few reference drivers who can then help their peers use the system and explain the challenges of a Fleet Management Solution. This key role, as a benchmark for other drivers and a partner in the company’s actions, often contributes to the success of the solution.



The support and commitment by the top-management and the managers are also essential for the success of the project. They must be involved in the project to ensure that it is consistent with the company’s strategy, to support it and to guarantee employee support. The involvement of the management makes it possible to make it a real business project and to get it accepted more quickly internally. Management support and follow-up are also essential when it comes to the users’ first steps to make it an everyday tool of the service.

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