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Do a technical review of the fleet before you begin your telematics project!

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The evolution of technologies, the diversity of vehicles and the interconnection of systems complicate the implementation of Fleet Management solutions, which unfortunately often depend on technical prerequisites. Remote downloading of tachograph files, for example, is dependent on the version of the tachograph and its connection to the vehicle’s FMS socket. There are also similar requirements for services such as Eco-Driving and Drive- and Resting Times.

Exempel på fordonslista inför utrullning av system för Fleet Management

Exempel på fordonslista inför utrullning av system för Fleet Management

Before signing, a technical audit is essential to confirm the feasibility of the project. At Vehco, a dedicated project manager will carry out this technical audit. He will be able to check the status of your fleet, what vehicles my need additional equipment to work well, your V1B files for compatibility with remote downloading of legal files or if your planning software is compatible

When several actors are involved in the project, for example during an integration project, a preparatory technical meeting with all parties is essential. The parties then have the opportunity to communicate and carry out the various technical checks. .

In addition, we advise you to always write common specifications for the Transport Management System/Fleet Management System interface. These specifications must describe all the information that must be included in the TMS. It is better to communicate these specifications to the two service providers so that they can validate “together” if it is possible. Sales pitches sometimes deviate from the technical reality!

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