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Digital handling of transport missions simplifies the following up of waiting times

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The digitalization during the recent years has changed the way of working for many companies in the transport and logistics industry. But the
development and the implementation of new technology are at different levels. Some companies have come far with integrated systems and high
level of automatization while some companies are still in the beginning of their “digitalization journey”. The freight notes are part of the business that are undergoing a digital change. In the Nordic countries, the development and implementation have come further than in the rest of Europe. Digital freight bills have great advantages over their physical equivalent. The most obvious difference is that physical way bills can be dropped, broken and they require manual handling to be registered into computer systems. Switching to digital freight bills also makes it easier to handle waiting times. Today, many transportation companies still rely on the drivers to record any waiting time with the pen on the way bill. This way of working is not optimal. Having waiting time saved as data in Fleet Management-System makes it more accessible and reliable.

Digital handling of transport missions simplifies the following up of waiting times

" We use digital waybills. It is easy that the information can be accessed by both the customer’s system and our transportation management team"

- Peter Dahlqvist, Bring Cargo Inrikes (Sweden)

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