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Define your company's current and future needs before choosing a system!

Transport strategy

Analyse the needs of your company

A good upstream qualification of the needs will ensure the success of your project. Copy-pasting the current solution or using a standard software can be frustrating. Now when you understand how your organization works thanks to your analysis phase, formalize the company’s needs precisely. Remember that it is your solution that must adapt to the reality of the company and not the other way around.

Define your company's current and future needs before choosing a system!

What information do your transport managers or drivers need? What features are required? Are you overwhelmed with data? One of your customers wants you to use his application? Consider the possible integration of your Fleet Management system with your other IT solutions. Your priority must be to simplify your tools and optimize your logistics processes. The aim is to avoid duplication or manual re-entries as much as possible, to share access and to allow the intelligent use of information.

Define your requirements before starting a project within Fleet Management

"A customer found that his Fleet Management solution was not adapted to his business. The missions sent to drivers were incomplete and required transport managers to complete them by telephone. For this reason, employees had no confidence at all in the system. The source of the problem was a poor definition of his needs. Using a standard solution had made the daily life of his transport managers more complex. The answer to his problem was very simple; the Transport Management System adapted the mission. Today, transport managers only use the phone for emergency purposes and all the information is concentrated in the TMS, which brings serenity and efficiency to the entire team."

Thor-Inge Bendixen, project manager from Vehco


Consider future developments of your system

Always anticipate the changes that your company will experience in the coming years. Do you think you will need to scan documents in 1 or 2 years? This can define your choice of equipment. Would you like to be able to take the screens out of the vehicles? Then choose a mobile solution. Should your Fleet Management solution become the enabler for another solution? A tablet will allow you to install other applications in the future (such as an eCMR application).

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